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the inauguration of the new great organ in the Moscow Park “charge” along with the opening “island of dreams” became the main event of the weekend. Outstanding musicians took part in the benefit performance of the king of instruments, expressed their admiration of the atmosphere of one of the best concert halls of Europe.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG New Moscow on sounded in “charge”

people’s artist of Russia, pianist Denis Matsuev confessed to the Agency “Moscow” that with the advent of on the possibility of “Charge” will expand significantly. “In this room I am speaking for the past two seasons and I see many young people among the audience, – said Maestro. – The appearance of the organ is a great opportunity to introduce more people to classical music.”

an Outstanding pianist Boris Berezovsky said about the new body as masterpiece of art. “This can be judged by the enthusiastic feedback from the audience and experts,” he said.

Recall that the authority was in “charge” is one of the most monumental in the whole of Europe. The sound quality provide nearly 6 thousand pipes of different size. The acoustics of the hall and design features allow for organ concerts accompanied by Symphony orchestras.