Morgan Miller (32) already for the sixth Time to be pregnant. In August, she and her husband Bode Miller (41) announced that they are expecting identical twins. In your Instagram Story, Miller is posting a photo of her growing baby belly. To do this, you will find unusual, but touching words. “30 weeks, five days, two identical boys. If I’m honest: most days I hate being pregnant,” she admits.

“But today, I was reminded that in this belly of five healthy babies are grown. It was the home to Create a new life, and played a monumental role, to provide me with the love I can every day feel. I should give my body the same love with which he supplied me. I feel so much love and gratitude.”

you lost your only 19 months old child

most thankful for is her husband. Because Bode Miller wished for since the beginning of the relationship, two identical boys, on his birthday, the 12. October to be born. The whole of his desire is not fulfilled. The date of birth is, in fact, only a month later, on 11. November 2019 recognised.

“angel number” is called the five-fold mother of this date. She makes reference to her deceased daughter, Emeline. She drowned a year ago at the age of only 19 months. The heavy fate will accompany you also during pregnancy. So she writes: “Since the beginning of the pregnancy we knew that Emmy is somehow for this miracle responsible.” (bsn)