“damn fine work,” reads the famous line from ‘the Olsen gang’-films. And the danes are still skideglade for the films, which is currently being shown every Friday on the TV 2 as a replacement for the ‘X Factor’.

But which one is the best? In a survey conducted for B. T. by YouGov, we find the answer to it.

45 percent of the total of 1216 respondents who have seen ‘the Olsen gang’, have responded that they do not know which they like best. Among the 55 percent who answered represents, however, a clear picture of the film that has made the greatest impression.

Zero percent of the respondents chooses the ‘Olsen gang on the bucket’ or ‘the Olsen gang’s last trick’ as a favorite.

there can be quite good reasons to believe Mikael Johansen, vice-president of the Olsen Gang fan Club of Denmark.

the Former is number two in a row in the 14-film-long series about the mismatched criminal gang with Egon Olsen in the lead. There had still not quite found the form, considers the vice-president.

He does not however, it is a bad movie; it was with to form the framework for the other, and it is in fact, one encounters the popular Dynamite-Harry for the first time.

Michael Johansen also understand that the ‘Olsen gang’s last trick’ from 1998 is not a fan favorite. It is due to everything that happened during the filming, he thinks.

Actually, it wasn’t supposed to be made after ‘the Olsen gang over all the mountains’ from 1981.

however, the three main characters to convince the scriptwriter Henning Bahs to devise a last coup.

Director and screenwriter, Erik Balling, however, wanted not to get involved, and he was, therefore, only as a consultant on the project, which, according to Mikael Johansen is clear, because the film bears the imprint of the lack of his hard hand.

in Addition, it rained during almost all of the footage for the film, which made everything a little more difficult. And, perhaps most importantly of all: Poul Bundgaard, who played William, died during the filming.

“You sense good pulsations. There are too many things that were not planned to the last detail,” says Michael Johansen, who however do not believe that the film was decidedly poor – it just had to be made two years earlier.

The very first ‘the Olsen gang’movie was released in 1968. But even though the films have decades of experience, they draw still people to the screen in 2020.

The last few weeks are the ‘Olsen-banden’films, as TV 2 has sent, so all ended up in the top-20 of the most-watched programs, according to Kantar Gallups seeropgørelse.

Actually, between 474.000 and 782.000 danes the last Fridays entertained themselves with Egon, Benny and keld’s excesses, gems and peculiar plans.

“We still see the films, because the stories are so brilliant. The stories in ‘the Olsen gang’ is still relevant today and could just as well operate now as then. Of course they have something to say to the characters is made of a substance which we all can identify with,” explains Mikael Johansen.

On the question of which movies are his favorite movies, sounds:

“You choose not between his children. But if I get the ball to the forehead, I can tell which one is the best.”

“‘the Olsen gang on the track’. It is the film where everything works from start to finish. There is no beating around the bush unlike many of the other films.”

Six percent of them, as YouGov has asked to designate their favorite movies with the infamous gang, agree with Mikael Johansen. But there are several – nine percent – which is better like ‘the Olsen gang in Jutland’ – funny enough, many of these dialects.

But what is then the best, if you ask the danes?

More than every fifth dane – 22 percent – appoint ‘the Olsen gang sees red’ as the best.

Michael Johansen has a good bid on – yes, in fact, secure bids, if he do say so myself – why this is so:

“It is the stage in The Royal Theatre, which makes the outcome. It is the largest Danish filmscene ever made. It’s even been plagiarized by the american directors.”

“That is what people remember when they think about ‘Olsen-banden’.”

It was also the scene that made the outcome for Michael Johansen. It was when he as six-seven so that he was ‘the Olsen gang’-fan.

“the Scene has a big place in my heart. I was mesmerized when I saw it, so I can well understand that people who are not geeks like me, the first.”