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Meyer, Hans: You can say that I’ve helped this season, the Association, in the four-man world Cup one of the two places. You didn’t want to be considered this help first, not because of my age, because more than 50-year-old athletes from Swiss Olympic. But then I get in front of the ethics Commission of the Swiss Sliding right and was able to start.

I want to push to Zug to the Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine sports festival for the Unspunnen Stone. I was once Second and twice third.

I smoked for ten years. But with 30 years, I stopped. Since then, I smoked only three Stümpli: Because I’m three times to become a father.

to Me, it is right that I can be in our A-Team Hannibal. But what is clear is that you have to be the bobsled been a little crazy!

not at All. However, I feel the jet lag from the West to the East, sometimes even for a whole week. In the reverse direction for this, not at all.

A suit I have, but not in a long time worn. The question fits better to Marcel Dobler (national Council and retired Anzhi Eber, ed.), had our A-Team the role of Face (laughs).

I’m not running from anything. I have, in spite of resistances again and again, the Motivation is found. I can pass on to my three children that it’s worth it to fight for something.

The needs of our bobsled team. The Cohesion is large. I would not start at the world Cup, we would have flown together as a Team to Canada to ski. to compare

Difficult! The bobsled like me, but, of course, better than driving a car.

not bobsledding yet Anyway! I’ve only started the end of the 90s. What comes to mind: My weight from the 80s I kept. I weigh for 30 years, 100 kg.