In the spring of last year, rubbed, visitors to the Rhine falls, surprised eyes. The organizer of the tourists are very popular, spectacular boat trip to the Rheinfall rocks has increased the prices dramatically. Cost of a ride for adults so far, 10 francs, tourists should shell out now for 20 francs. And children instead of 5, even 15 francs. “Usury”, the Tenor of last year.

“Friendly settlement” found

The displeasure with this price jump was so great that even Price watchdog Stefan Meierhans turned on (VIEW reported). And this has now led to discussions with the operator of the Werner Mändli AG. The result: An “amicable settlement”, which is intended to cushion the price increase. Who notices a closer look: The scheme is a single.

Because the price increases will be accepted only for the “Locals”. Locals, who live in a locality whose zip code 81, 82, 84, or 85 start. The reports, the “Schaffhauser Nachrichten”. Strangers, however, must continue to pay for more.

Romanshorn local, Jestetter foreign

with The price supervisor negotiated regulation leads to absurd results. A novel Horner does not apply – of the approximately 70 kilometres from the Rhine falls lives – as a Local, while a Jestetter (D) lives local. Although Neuhausen separates on the Rhine case and Jestetten is only 5 kilometers. (fr)