The former professional cyclist Bo Hamburger is the crash so bad on a trip, that he smoked in the hospital.

he says on Facebook, where he has posted a few pictures up with his face, which is included, and an arm in plaster.

“As if there were accidents enough,” writes Bo Hamburger, and adds, that he just was out driving with a friend racercyklen, when it went wrong.

“Enjoy Gravel-trip ended, unfortunately, with the nasty crash and loss of consciousness, fortunately I was not alone on the trip, but together with my good friend Jesper Nordstrøm Meling,” continues Bo Hamburger, who may look forward to an operation.

“Status: No head, but a broken bone in his left hand, which might need surgery.”

He ends his message with the words:

“Fuck, pis, l…”

The former toprytter released a few months ago a book in which he comes into its highs and lows in his career.

Here, he tells among other things about his dopingforbrug, and how Bjarne Riis in the spring of 2001, reacted Hamburger phoned his former boss to tell me that he was about to be taken for it in a hotel room in Belgium.

“I called Bjarne. He said it was crap, and that I should try to draw the time and drink a lot. I did. Then I proclaimed, as if I could not pee. I was totally in panic and had cold sweats. But in the end I should submit the urine sample.”

And the felled Bo Hamburger, who tell, that he was persuaded by Bjarne Riis to not to tell about the comprehensive dopingbrug on the then Danish team CSC.

Read a larger excerpt of the chapter here.