precision, Tempo, blind faith – what a circus! Only one of the factory riders responded to the stage incorrectly, a Crash would be inevitable. Never before have we seen a BMW presentation so wildly curving model innovations.

Own Show instead of mass-exhibition

Also, this Show shows that BMW is treading a completely new way to bring issues to the Public. Classic auto does not provide a suitable stage are deleted measure, which is why the Bavarians their presence at the upcoming IAA in Frankfurt in September solid together. Instead, in Munich, the brand temple “BMW-world was redecorated” for several days to the future Park “Next Gen”. Deeper insight instead of just new products, is the motto.

Six New for 2019

And BMW is a new Generation delivers. With the fast-paced stage show six fresh models for this year will be presented – from the new front-wheel drive, designed 1-series on the 8-seater variants of the M8 coupe and convertible and the four-door Gran coupe to station wagon 3 series Touring and the revised Compact SUV X1.

The Stromer come sooner

The most important message is, however, an electrical: BMW CEO Harald Krüger put the group goals higher. He now wants to bring 25 electrified models – half of purely electrically – and by 2023 instead of 2025 on the road. Possible a change of strategy makes it. Instead of expensive special solutions, such as the current i3 and i8, the Stromer will share in the future, the platform with the nitro models. This reduces development cost and simplifies the production, since both roles flexibly by the same Band.

Autonomous Driving Level 3

this year, the electric Mini will start in 2020 impact of the electric SUV iX3, a year later, the i4 and the production version of the iNext. The latter will then dominate Autonomous Driving to Level 3, so on motorways. “We anticipate that Level 3 will be allowed,” says BMW’s chief marketing officer Pieter Nota.

Power-BEV, with a 720-HP

BMW is so fit for the future. However, after the “car not speculated mobile week” already, in July, the upcoming renewal of the contract with the CEO of Kruger, it should be fixed, not said a few days after the “Next Gen” on Friday, to stand for a further term. As a possible successor to Oliver Zipse is traded, such as Kruger in front of his CEO Job today as chief Production officer. Many had Krueger as too hesitant: While Porsche’s Tesla-fighter Taycan starts in the fall, BMW has managed to produce the test carrier Power BEV – the prototype 5-a-body-explores with 720 HP from three electric motors, the electrically and the driving dynamics are Possible. Series Mature? Range? No details yet.

M is electrified

another site to the sports daughter, M. is it relies on high-powered turbocharged gasoline engine in a number of model series – M5, and co., while popular in Switzerland, but poison for the CO2 balance. Your future could lie in the study of Vision M Next, the looks, although latent, according to Lamborghini, but its 600 horsepower Plug-in hybrid drive pure electric Driving and Recharging at the outlet allows. Competitor to the Mercedes-AMG, however, has long been hybrid models. With the aluminum and carbon fiber-made Concept-bike Vision DC Roadster BMW also look in the electric motorcycle of the future. But Harley-Davidson is yet to come in 2019 with a electric-series model …

Creates BMW CO2 limit?

what’s new for the coming months, plenty of power for the next four years: But in between, a date is looming. Because 1. January 2020, the new CO2 limit of 95 g/km applies. Still with a smooth transition solution, but defined penalties for each gram too much. How will BMW keep the value? “We are a broad range of efficient petrol and diesel engines. And from 2020 onwards we will offer the X3 with Plug-in Hybrid and electric drive,” said Pieter Nota. But at the same time, the X3 M with 480 HP will find its customers and in Switzerland, is probably the best selling M model. “If the customers want the car, we patronize our clients, you will not get it. But we will also do everything possible to avoid penalty payments, and nothing to hide,” says Nota.

The new third Generation of the beefy SUV coupe X6 based on the X5, it was surprisingly Gen now only a few days after the Next Event is revealed. Maybe you don’t fit in the Show’s electric future.