The accidents with BMW’s have increased in the past few weeks. Now it came again to a violent Crash. On the highway A1 Kosovars (37) is off on Sunday morning with his BMW X5 off the road and caused an auto accident.

The BMW-driver was, it came along with his passenger (27), a Macedonians, on the A1 in direction of Zurich on the move, as shortly after 8.30 to the accident. The Kosovars lost at the height Rothrist AG, the control over his car. It bounced into the edge – and then in the Message of the barrier, before the BMW finally came to the roadside strip to a standstill.

BMW-driver (37) and passenger (27) is slightly

injured in The Crash both the driver and the passenger were slightly injured, as the Canton police to notify of Aargau. They had to be brought by ambulance to the hospital. Both the BMW X5 as well as the highway facility, a significant damage was done.

The Kosovars, the licence was removed to the Board of the road traffic office. It is still unclear how it came to the accident. The Canton police of Aargau has taken up the investigation. (rad)