Beautiful, beautiful, open. BMW 8 just looks class and is called the Cabrio to be just a tad more elegant. The 4.85-metre-long luxury convertible marked presence on the road. Within 15 seconds, the canopy opens up to a pace of 50 km/h.

The luxurious interior of the eye, where the finest leather flatters the occupants. The comfortable seats offer not only optimum side support, but also on long journeys very comfortable.

The beauty and the beast

The symbiosis between the chassis and the saturated bollerndem V8 twin turbo is in the open M850i simply terrific. So the 530 HP (390 kW) 8. the dashing Cruiser mimes, takes with an air of casual decadence in the everyday the sense to mutate a Moment later, thanks to the 750 Nm maximum torque to the boller sports cannon, on country roads or motorways, fly

From 0 to 100 km/h in less than four seconds and regulated to 250 km/h top leave little to be desired, however, this also has its price – from 169’200 Swiss francs (320 HP Diesel from 136’700 Fr.).

The Precise and Heavy

the standard 4×4 ensures that the opulent engine performance appropriate to the species is converted into propulsion. The steering is precise, but anything other than nervous. Only be delicious weight can’t transfer the 8-seater Cabrio: More than two tons of press in fast cornering, or when braking is powerful. Fully adaptive dampers, active bring the rear axle differential and optional active roll stabilization small miracle to hold the convertible colossus in the dynamic gallop in the track.

In the open luxury car to blazes fire, and we ask ourselves the question, it needs a 600-HP M8? For a coupe Yes, but for the convertible, probably not. The M850i is the hair neatly flying in the Wind.