The most valuable Swiss brand is also in this year, from the tranquil town of Vevey, on lake Geneva: 19.6 billion-Dollar Nestlé is now value – an increase of 1.4 percent compared to the previous year. The latest calculations of the consulting company Brand Finance. Thus, the food is giant from the Romandie in Switzerland, the number 1, but also in the entire food sector. This was due to its global presence, the big sources of income, and a variety of products that set it apart from its competitors are, according to the experts.

In fact, the group has several valuable Brands in the quiver: With Purina (8.2 billion) and Nescafé (5.9 billion Swiss francs), two more Labels from the home of Nestlé among the 500 most expensive brands in the world. Especially the manufacturers of pet food made with an increase of 41.7 per cent, a big set of forwards.

“While pet food brands in the industry as a whole have a strong year, exceeds Purina your competitors, by focusing on the development of improved formulas and new packaging.”, Alex Haigh, Director of Brand Finance says.

the second-strongest brand of Switzerland, UBS. Although the Bank was able to grow this year with over 20 per cent in value, with $ 8.8 billion, a considerable distance behind Nestlé. On the third rank of FIG. 8.4 billion the industry group, 2.2 percent more than in the previous year.

Omega is the biggest winner of Switzerland

What stands out: With Omega, a Swiss brand made the leap into the Top 500 – by 36.9 percent of the watch manufacturer to put out of Biel and is now 4.4 billion dollars. “The brand has a fresh Design based on traditional styles – from the reproduction of the Speedmaster to the Trésor collection, which is aimed at the modern woman and Kaia Gerber is recommended,” says Haigh. In addition, the brand’s high-profile sports sponsors events, for example, Omega, the official time was knife of the Olympic winter games in the past year. “The use of Social Media has improved.”

Omega Also makes Cary Steinmann, Marketing strategy consultant and former Economics Professor for Marketing and brand management at the ZHAW, is of Omega is convinced: “a good Job. The brand has found an innovative concept back to its former strength and with a clear line focus on the Essentials, what it has awarded once.”

Swisscom fines to the value of a

loser among the Swiss brands is Swisscom. As the only company in the Telekom loses group value: 6 billion dollars, 3.5 percent less than in the previous year, the telecommunications group’s current value. Blame the intensified price competition. “All the brands in the telecommunications sector had a number of says as a result of the decline in revenues and the related cost reduction measures, problems with lower margins had a negative impact on brand value,” Haigh.

a Total of 14 Swiss brands in the Ranking of the world’s 500 most valuable Brands find. Marketing expert Cary Steinmann finds a solid balance sheet. It shows that Made in Switzerland to a Label that is recognised worldwide. The reason: “Swiss brands have less Sex-Appeal and do not trigger emotional Laola-wave in the case of the consumer, as Apple, for example, does,” said the expert. “But they are trustworthy and stand for quality and Innovation.”

Amazon and co. are of most value to

According to Brand-Finance Director of Alex Haigh, the Latter rash is giving: “brands that seek to understand their customers and respond to their evolving needs, perform better than others.” Conversely, the following applies: “brands that don’t adapt to new circumstances, do not innovate and do not diversify, stay back.”

a model student in this area, the American Tech companies – in a Ranking you are the most valuable brands in the world. While Amazon (187,9 billion dollars), Apple (of 153.6 billion dollars) and Google (142,8 billion dollars) the growth in their positions on the podium with a clear brand value increases could defend, was Microsoft, thanks to the biggest Plus in the Top 10 (+47.4 percent), two places well. New the software giant is found now on Position 4 ($119.6 billion). The only, albeit minimal Minus-placed among the ten Best Samsung: The Korean electronics giant is losing 1.1 percent and falling from rank 4 to 5.

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