Blow out Brazilian duo slammed for late night Russian lockdown party video featuring bottles of booze shisha pipe

Brazilian star Wanderson has filmed himself inhaling from a balloon, cavorting around wine, spirits and a hookah pipe and singing to loud music in a late-night Instagram video also featuring Krasnodar teammate Kaio Pantaleao.

The midfielder seemed to be enjoying his isolation during the prolonged suspension of the Russian Premier League, shouting and screaming into the camera during a now-deleted video shot behind closed curtains inside a house.

Wearing earphones and throwing a piece of food into his mouth, the 25-year-old embarked upon a tour that took in his failed attempts to open a door and a table full of wine and spirit bottles next to a hookah pipe, which is used to smoke flavoured substances.

Fans caught a glimpse of Wanderson’s Krasnodar teammate, Kaio, in the video, sitting in a chair wearing only colorful shorts.

Having spent much of the clip bellowing, Wanderson calmed himself by inhaling several times on a balloon in a repeat of the kind of scenes that saw England striker Raheem Sterling fiercely criticized in 2015.

The content of Wanderson’s balloon is unknown, but they are often used to inhale nitrous oxide – also known as laughing gas or “hippy crack.”

Premier League club Brighton investigated several of their players earlier this year after they were shown inhaling from balloons around a table containing a hookah during their mid-season break.

Kyle Walker and Jack Grealish were forced to issue public apologies during the lockdown in England after the Manchester City defender hosted a sex party at his home and the Aston Villa midfielder accepted an invitation to visit friends before being caught on camera appearing to be worse for wear hours later.

It is unclear whether Wanderson’s judgement had been impaired by consuming any of the alcohol he showed off, which included pink gin.

The winger had clearly reconsidered his decision within hours, removing the public evidence of his confined party.

A Krasnodar official is reported to have told Metaratings: “Players are quarantined in their homes. We have no information about this situation.”

However, former Russia international Vladislav Radimov has slammed the players for the video, branding them ‘lice,’ according to Russian outlet  

Wanderson played in the 2-0 loss at Sochi that was Krasnodar’s final fixture before top-level football in Russia was suspended on March 17 – a move that has now been extended until at least June.

Kaio was named Krasnodar’s player of the month for March after making his debut for the club he joined on a five-year contract from Portuguese side Santa Clara in May.