Three boys between 13 and 15 years had an unpleasant experience at a children’s playground in Randers on Wednesday.

They met namely a blotter, pulling the pants down and masturbated in front of them.

It writes the east Jutland Police on their private Twitter account.

Police would like to hear from individuals who may have an idea of who the man is.

As the blotteren began to masturbate around 10 meters from the boys, they called in two women, the one called 112.

east Jutland Police trying to describe the man in their sample daily report.

He is Danish by the appearance, between 35 and 45 years of age, approximately between 175 and 180 centimeters tall and short leverpostejsfarvet hair with a bar spot at the top.

in Addition, he was wearing green/grayish cowboyjakke and bright jeans on Wednesday at the playground.

the Police adding that an 11-year-old girl and her friend were subjected to something similar 19. march.

It came to pass on a green area by Vester Altanvej in Randers. East jutland Police are investigating both cases and suspect it might be the same perpetrator,

Police also belong here from people who know who the man is, or have a presumption about it.

the Police can be caught on phone number 114.