Bloomberg has predicted a shortage of coffee due to coronavirus

MOSCOW, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. The epidemic of coronavirus infection in South America may lead to a shortage of coffee, according to Bloomberg.

due to the reduction of working hours, the closure of banks, difficulties with transport and fear to get sick workers may simply not be enough people to collect coffee beans. Especially Colombia, Brazil and Peru, whose share accounted for almost two thirds of global production of Arabica beans.

the harvest should begin next month, but many workers leave the plantation because of the high probability of infection and thus the low salary. Previously it was predicted that production volumes can satisfy the demand, and have to use last year’s supplies. However, the high demand for coffee around the world has led to the fact that they were almost exhausted.

the Market expects rising coffee prices. The futures price of Arabica jumped last month by 16% — up to $ 130 for a bag of 100 pounds.