“Men prefer blonde because they are dumber and easier to get in bed with.”

How concluded three dark-haired female colleagues, one day, a little mockingly, and decided to test it by putting on the wigs and go in the city. The day after almost attacked me – “God, that’s true. We have never had more fun, and drinksene has never been cheaper.”

Can hair colour make a difference? Have blonde it really more fun? Are redheads more temperamental, and brunette more mysterious? The kind of important issue, we have all the days of recorded mankind: Many skilled people, who could have used their time better, actually have dedicated both time and resources to investigate such a thing.

recently published an american study conducted by psychologists at the Augsburg University in Minnesota, which had as a purpose to identify what level hair color played into, when men should determine a woman’s attractiveness.

the 110 men were presented with a series of images of women with different hair colors, and the result was clear. Men prefer blonde – or, rather, they assess them as younger, healthier, more attractive and better suited as romantic partners.

There have through the ages been presented more scientific explanations on how it can be. The thesis is that everything is about the survival of the species, and that men’s assessment of women is all about our ability to produce healthy offspring. Blondiners lack of pigment means that we better occupy vitamins and therefore are healthier. Blonde also produces more estrogen, which means greater fertility, and because women’s hair gets darker with age, becoming light hair are perceived as youthful – again a good sign of fertility.

If we go back to my colleagues ‘ assertion that blondinder are dumber and therefore easier to get in bed with, there are also studies that have dealt with it.

the Ohio State University did in 1916 a study that showed that light-haired women were actually the ones with the highest iq. In the study participated 10.878 americans and here came the blonde in the first place, followed by brunettes and redheads, with the black-haired last in the rankings with the lowest IQ. The study would, on the basis of the figures cannot conclude that the blonde was the wiser, but they could at least conclude that they were not dumber. If you look at the Berlingskes list of the 100 most influential women in Denmark are 63 of them blonde. So let’s just lie the one with the stupid blonde in the grave.

All of this is of course bullshit. There is a sea of other factors that also come into play in relation to attractiveness and intelligence, and in the day when we all are busy to break down prejudices and open up for more diversity, it makes no sense to categorize us in relation to hair color.

But there is no doubt that our appearance plays a role, in relation to how we are perceived, and it can of course play a role in our well-being. If people go around and think you are dumber because you are blonde, or more dangerous, because you are redhead, and more reserved as the dark-haired, it will affect the way they treat us, and in this way it is not entirely unimportant.

I was born blond, and even though it is a long time ago, that it has been natural, so I have stubbornly held on to it with the regular and always costly visits to the hairdresser. Of course I have, through life, often experienced to be put in the crib and talked down to, but if it has been hårfarven or my gender, can be difficult to determine. I have been envious of the proud, red-haired and the dark femme fatales and even experimented with other colors – even my natural. But it has never been a good idea.

I have it just more fun as a blond!

Maiken Wexø

Maiken Wexø is B. T.’s head. Former TV host on MTV. She has been the head of the TV2 channels Zulu, Charlie and FRI and program director at the Discovery, with responsibility for channel 4, 5 and 6.