snorkeling, swimming and soaking up the sun – actually, 20 Influencers from Germany and Switzerland were on a six-day trip to Turkey. But the luxury trip was a nightmare: A gang of criminals robbed the tour group.

A supposed tour guide took some of the Influencers, the passes, the group then was dumped in front of a Hotel, wanted to know from a reservation, nothing. The Aargauer Influencerin Ninayara Luginbühl (26) is of one of the victims of the fraud.

“have invited already the alarm bells are ringing”

The sports blogger from Waltenschwil AG, as the rest of the Influencers, of the slip travel company “Constantino Tour” for the Turkey Trip. The fraudsters are sent, because no one of the travel professionals suspicious. “The company didn’t even have an Instagram Account, but only a website. Already, the alarm bells should have been. But we left before the start of the trip, all of the addresses, flights and Hotels check. For the Hotel, we even had a reservation – but this was later cancelled,” says Luginbühl opposite VIEW. “We have nothing to can do differently. Since real professionals were at work.”

The Swiss, since around one and a half years in the case Instagram active, can be on the journey. In exchange for seven Instagram-stories and two Posts on the platform, you can expect a week’s holiday in Turkey. The flight tickets and a detailed program plan will get you ahead of the commencement of the trip via e-Mail.

“My Swiss passport do not want to be” you arrived

On the airport in Antalya, you will receive the set of two hostesses, and a supposed tour guide. The latter takes some of the bloggers in the passports. Luginbühl lucky: “My Swiss Pass, you don’t want to. Also, some of the brand-new German passports that they gave back. Maybe it is more difficult to fake this or to sell.” Such as “image” reported a German passport on the black market between 2000 and 7000 euros.

in the Car, to bring the group to the Hotel, not realizing Luginbühl and your travel gspänli that something is wrong. “I was already often in the Turkey in the vacation and was well known in the area. I realized that we are already much too long on the road,” she recalls. At the Hotel in two hours away from Alanya arrived, at the reception that the group does not have a reservation.

“Clearly I had something to fear,”

“We all remained very quiet. Everyone tried to help the other. Clearly I had something to fear, because we knew what was happening. But luckily, us has supported the police on the spot. The officials have been working around the clock for us and a tremendous help, that has reassured us.” Finally, the group have taken the Situation with Humor and the Best of the remaining days in Turkey.

The trip leave at the Swiss Influencerin a mixed feeling. “I’m going to go back to Turkey. The next Blogger trip, I would look into this further, what I’m getting into,” she says. “I’m glad we came up with a fright and nothing worse happened.”