The creepy poster is reminiscent of Nazi Propaganda: The SVP is a poster that the EU and opposing parties as maggots. The outrage is great, even the SVP-a Party to the exponent goes to far.

Not so SVP strategist Christoph Blocher (78). The Old Federal Council, talks to the “Zofinger Tagblatt” for the first time, the maggots-poster – and is full of praise: “The poster is a landing point!”, the old Federal Council says joyfully.

Blocher’s party chief Albert Rösti (52) and election campaign chief Adrian Amstutz (65) covers the back of The poster to bring the matter to the point. Because Switzerland was actually eaten.

Blocher welcomes controversy

the maggots-Plot of the party strategist defends: “If someone is doing something “Grusiges”, then you have to represent the “grusig”.” And Switzerland going broke, so Blocher, was “grusig”.

He is happy about the controversy, the causes, the poster. The show that the content of bite, so Blocher: “If you don’t want to talk about content, we talk about the style.” (pro only)