In September, the dialect, the musician Bligg (43) with his beard shaving, the Foundation stone for his next project: He grew a mustache, matching his Unplugged Album. “We’ll take my music without electronic instruments. That’s why she comes in a new guise, so to speak, naked. So how do I without the Beard,” he said at the time. Since with him in the facial hair grow and wear it beard. Therefore, the new Situation was all the more special.

After shaving, it was time for the singer to the Studio. Created 13 new versions of his biggest Hits, including “Manhattan”, “Us Mänsch” and “Rosalie”. In addition, there is a brand new Track. With the changes in the titles of the Zurich is 7. December on tour.

Already today I have for VIEW reader is going to sound a first exclusive preview of the new music. “Legändä & Heldä” is the first of two titles that are pre-released. Next week, the next one follows.

Bliggs Unplugged Album at a special price

VIEW-readers will benefit from an exclusive pre-sale with special price. Under the Album “Bligg unplugged” until 15 may. November 2019 be ordered for 14.90 instead of 19.90 Swiss francs.