32-year-old Blake lively and 43-year-old Ryan Reynolds is known for his sense of humor — they regularly joke with one another in social networks, but this time the parents decided to sneer at a time when their children go to school. In storys, the actress posted a selfie in which she and Ryan build funny faces painted in masks.

Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds

They do not have to feel embarrassed us in high school,

— signed photo of the actress.

Recall that lively and Reynolds are raising three children — five year old James, three-year and nine-month Inez Betty. The name of the younger daughter pair never yet officially mentioned, but fans are sure that the baby’s name is that way. According to them, the name has unveiled the Taylor swift in his new album. In the song called Betty mentioned the names of Inez and James. Name two other daughters Ryan and Blake, well, Betty is the third heroine of the song.

By the way, that the girls had decorated the masks to the parents — storis Blake showed creativity kit, which includes the actual mask, markers and stencils. Looks like home a family is absolutely not bored and having fun.

In March of this year Ryan and Blake also donated one million dollars in funds that help food to low-income citizens. Reynolds then noted that the impacts of the pandemic coronavirus, including universal quarantine and closure of a number of industries, with particularly negative impact on the lives of low-income families and the elderly.

However, speaking about the charity, Reynolds found a reason to joke: in his message on instagram, he then beat his playful feud with actor Hugh Jackman.

take care of yourself. Keep on being optimistic. Call someone who is isolated and may need support. (Number Hugh Jackman 1-555-HUGH.)

— written by Ryan.