The FCZ as a Cup-opponents: for many small clubs have a dream-Los. Not for the Black Stars. The Promotion League club from Basel in the first Cup round on the second Saturday in Zurich. But now the Black Stars threaten them with a cancellation.

The reason: The game is considered to be high-risk. Head of sports, Peter Faé says: “The costs for this game are ruinously high. We can Finance this sum is impossible. That would be the end of us.” 110’000 Swiss francs expenditure would have to be present for this game, the majority of police and security costs.

“… otherwise is not getschuttet”

The Department of justice and Security of the Canton of Basel-city, in prospect of the Black Stars, the police and security costs will be waived. Faé to VIEW: “I need that in writing. If we have to pay for it yourself, it is not getschuttet.”

in Spite of the vortex, the Basel have now started the pre-sale. Played weilerhof because of the constraints on the protect Mat instead of in the native Bush. So, as in the Cup in 2014, as the FCZ won ahead of 1419 viewers only after extra time with 2:1 against the Black Stars.