This was preceded by a heated discussion at a meeting of the regional oberstab. First, it was decided to permit visits to all parks, squares and embankments. When the mayor of Sochi, Alexey Kopaigorodsky also offered to access and beaches, chief sanitary doctor of the region opposed such a move, citing yet complex epigastrica. However, when the mayor was supported by the heads of Anapa and Gelendzhik, it was decided that licensed beaches will have the opportunity to work if they fulfill all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor. And just a day tens of the Kuban beaches managed to get permission to open.

…On the beach territory of the Sochi hotel “the Pearl” on Saturday it was not crowded. Which is understandable – the hotel itself is a swimming pool with about 50 people. At the entrance is a stand with information about social distance and please do not move the chairs.

– the Main requirement of the CPS to the sun-beds were placed at a distance of at least 1.5-2 meters, and disinfection of artificial surfaces every two hours and treatment of sun loungers after each visitor, – told “RG” the head of the beach Arthur Malinowski.

According to the on duty lifeguard, first camper came about seven o’clock in the morning.

the Sea water is warmed up to 19 degrees. For local still cold, for visitors – the most it!

– the Water’s great, very refreshing! – recognized Vyacheslav and Svetlana, a couple from Moscow. And clean, only the occasional jellyfish to swim.

And on Sunday sunbathing was literally Packed most of the Sochi beaches. This is not surprising, because the street – plus 33!