The electronics retailer beat with discounts for Black Friday. And many to terminate now, what is there to buy on Friday specifically cheap. Take a close LOOK at the title of the offers from selected providers under the magnifying glass. How cheap they actually are? And the Gadget is also something of value?

by the Way: There are also large Online retailers like Digitec or Brack, the only on Black Friday itself, the cat out of the bag and your quotes tell.

the giant TV from LG

The TV with 65 inch diagonal image is in the Migros-daughter cheap but not cheaper than elsewhere. There are at least three other retailers offering the device at the same price. The LG came in the early summer new on the market and received good reviews. Who wants a TV with Oled technology in this Size, only a few cheaper models.

A good deal, but it can also be found in the next few weeks.

LG 65 E8 , 2699 francs at Melectronics , available from: 20.11. to 3.12.

you need to Consider in advance exactly what you want to buy. Clarify what you really need – for example, the Size of a TV or the Features of a smartphone. You are looking for advance with multiple models, which correspond to the.Make a note of the prices of the devices in question. Price compare how to you can view exactly how convenient this Gadget is really. This service you can consult quickly in the Shop with the Smartphone. Also helpful are the price Charts for each product: Here, you can see how the price has developed.You can’t put pressure on you, even if “only five copies” are available on the website for a Countdown to return.Read reports preliminary test or check test videos – especially for larger purchases. Maybe it’s worth it to buy a product at the normal price, the really convinced, instead of a mediocre bargain.Caution in the case of product variants: In the case of Laptops and televisions, there are often several variants of the same model with different equipment. Usually only a letter or a number in the complex name is different.You don’t panic. Until Christmas there is still more actions, and then to the closeout, especially in the case of consumer electronics, prices fall continuously. Samsung flagship on sale

in the spring of presented Galaxy S9 is a Top-end Smartphone and at the time cost 899 Swiss francs. In the meantime, the prices will be around 550 to 600 francs. On Black Friday these be undercut again in January then prices of 500 Swiss francs is likely to be normal because in February, the successor comes on the market. But The S9 is still at the height of the time.

An excellent Smartphone at an attractive price, to make sure nothing is wrong.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Duos, 499 Fr. in the case of Media Markt, available from 22.11.

Automatic cleaning robot for less than 100 francs

For less than 100 francs, you will receive a automatic vacuum cleaner. The equipment of the Aldi device is a Hepa Filter, remote control and a three-year warranty, not bad. Similar models from the manufacturer from the sections so far in Tests, moderately, because they suck just randomly around the room.

The entry-level model is inexpensive, but offers only basic functions. For individual rooms without obstacles, it is not enough for all apartments.

Easy Home robot vacuum, 99.90 Fr. at Aldi, is available on 23.11.

entry-level phone with a giant Screen

The Galaxy A6+ scores with 6-inch screen and long battery life. Specifically cheap the Black Friday offer but it is not, you will be able to buy the phone next week for that price at Online retailers.

A solid entry-level Smartphone at a fair price. However, the price battle in this device class is enormous, and there are a variety of Alternatives.

Samsung Galaxy A6 +, 229 Fr. at Interdiscount , available from 19.11. to 9.12.

Old Compact camera with Top quality

The compact digital camera is actually a bargain. In the case of other providers it is currently 160 Swiss francs more expensive. However, there is the camera, even four years. After all, she has received in magazines excellent reviews. To shoot it, even today, better pictures than with a Smartphone.

The Panasonic Cam is old, but that is not in this area so bad. The Black Friday offer is priced very interesting.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 , 399 Fr. at Fust , available from 19. until 25.11.

On the 23. November Black Friday – anywhere in the world, also in Switzerland. But: where does this shopping, actually comes with crazy Sales? And what bargain hunters should look out for?