the current USA is hardly fit Lenin’s formula of a revolutionary situation when the lower classes do not want, and tops can not, especially the tops and bottoms in the US, has changed places like: who was nothing — that was all? Satan reigns there, right? And how about epigrams, which with a light hand Marshak became a Russian meme: “the Rebellion can not end with a success, otherwise his name is differently”?

While still a rebellion, but with all the signs of the revolution and certainly with pretensions to revolution. Moreover, there is already growing counter-revolution as a reaction to the senseless and merciless American revolt. No, I’m not the Ku Klux Klan, not the night be commemorated. Although there are hot heads on both sides. I’m on the socio-political processes, which, leaving the shores of law and order, becoming spontaneous, resembling the ocean with its tides. We are still in awe and shock seeing the rush of youth, mainly black, of liberty, but his time is running out, the water subsides, and all the laws of nature must begin tide.

End the current American rebellion good fortune to pass in the history of the revolution? Or win the counter-revolution, and he will abide in its infancy revolt and sink into Oblivion, the river of forgetfulness? Well, most — will remain a footnote in the history books. Dreams, dreams, where is your sweetness?

For the purity of the analytical experiment will make the brackets the topic of the day — racial issue, which, frankly, is missing from us in America for about fifty years, let me be lynched for this seditious phrase. Offhand several factors, although their … and small truck.

First of all, super-duper equality in the admission of African Americans at work, in colleges, in universities. More precisely, the benefits in black and white, in order to align social and biological racial inequality. Due to the existing quotas, with an equal and even more unequal (in favor of white) will, undoubtedly, black.

with Regards to the current BLM movement — Black Lives Matter. The slogan does not require proof, and therefore tautological and meaningless, if the recognized — no one is denying it. Type “Let there always be sunshine”, but this poetic metaphor does not pull on the political slogan. Another thing, say, “proletarians of all countries, unite” or — in the context of the present time — “let’s Make America great again”. The new movement is so anti-American — not just anticrespo — a nature that could, if it decided to stake out a polemical motto: “Make America again insignificant”. That would be our enemies rejoiced.

And most importantly, the role of blacks in this movement for equality of blacks as marginal, trivial, they have only secondary roles, like extras, nothing more. That in itself, for me, humiliating for black: the initiators and podstrigatate this rebellion, and revolution, time will tell themselves white who use black selfish: for political purposes in the struggle for power. As in the Civil war, when white fought white, and black were waiting in the wings? Still not quite so, any comparison is lame. Extras, that is the masses, regardless of color of skin is corrupted so that I can get out of control and act by themselves, out of control. As a Golem — against the will of his Creator, the legendary Prague Rabbi.

Finally, omitting a number akcionih factors point to anecdotal, but real. As numerous DNA, a genetic amalgam of black and there are white bricks, what is the root cause of frequent routine intercourse of slave owners with slaves, rarely Vice versa. What to look far, get the same of President Thomas Jefferson, who from his slave Sally begot at least six children. Recently, one of the direct descendants of Jefferson appeared on the pages of the liberal “new York times” with the call to demolish the memorial of his great ancestor in Washington. In order, in the context of the slogan of eddies is not the point. But the fact that in our veins flows the blood of black slave owners, and they got down on one knee and ask for forgiveness from ourselves. Let the oxymoron, but the fact is that scientific.

the dead monuments?! Now the goal infernale — dump-living President with African Americans. Well, Yes, to pull the chestnuts by proxy.

Here across the ocean from Moscow I anxiously asked:

— All you have lost your mind or through one?

Look back — not by one, not through the fifth-the tenth. Crazy nobody goes. Chants and slogans at demonstrations and meetings did not count. But even in them, as Shakespeare would say: “If it’s crazy, it’s the system”. “Systemic madness” to exterminate and eliminate trump. But the point is not only that these man-made miasma of hatred life threatening for the virus developers themselves political hatred. The revolution, like Saturn, devours its children — I said no. I shall refer at least in French and Russian and the tragic fate of their creators — Danton, Robespierre, Trotsky, Bukharin, bring them the number. The fact of the matter is that the boomerang is dangerous for the person who throws it.

Less than four months, my fellow citizens have not an election but a choice between freedom and dependence, between tolerance and intolerance, between democracy and ochlocracy. The choice is not easy. It is believed that if the Democrats win, the rebellion of the mob and the cattle will end. Even so, what I’m not sure, how long? Appetite comes while eating.

otherwise, 3 Nov still not 18 Brumaire or Brumaire 9, if we use the calendar of the French revolution and counter-revolution. Trump n�� drawn to Napoleon, although Napoleon’s kinks it is present, speak knowledgeably, as his biographer. However, any complexes and syndromes we put a limit — tradition and the Constitution. On that trust.

new York.