the mood on this match, with his trademark suffocating reception and the very lovely second wife Tatiana Oleynik told to”RG”.

Alex in anticipation of the UFC fight reminded about your record: you started back in the 1990s… I Think this is achievement?

Alexey Oleinik: I guess I would consider it an achievement, if it tried, and I have this goal never happened. I just train and compete. It so happened that I was doing this for a very long time and even as calculated, the longest in MMA. Why and how? I do not know. Just constantly doing, my entire lifestyle associated with the sport. Even when rented or bought apartments in Moscow or America, I chose a house in the wrong neighborhood where there’s more nature or closer to school for children, and where appropriate the gym. And so in all. Vacation with family, we also can plan only when the outcome of the next battle.

Wife Tatiana is not just a wife and mother of five children who is waiting for her husband after the fight. She professionally went to work and began your second.

Alexey Oleinik: once about 15 years ago we choose what we will do next. Decided to continue in the sport. Then she took a big part of my training. Studied martial arts, and nutrition to know what to feed me, how to help gain weight to fight. Of course, this is all consistent with the coaches. The wife is also engaged in negotiating, performs managerial functions and communicates with the UFC, figuring out what date to buy tickets and what city to conduct medical examinations. And so we have worked together for many years.

Your nickname Uncle Alex is too cool for your age and experience?

Alexey Oleinik: My fight nickname – the Boa constrictor. In the gym athletes between itself always as something called a joke. But Uncle Lesha me a couple of years ago in social networks called fans. And this appeal among the fans caught on. Take it as a given.

Boa – also non-random way. You’re famous for choking techniques. But the Werdum won via split decision. It is important for you how to win?

Alexey Oleinik: the Result is more important. But I never go for points, I give everything to win.

How suffocating “Ezekiel” when you crank one arm behind the opponent’s head and the second pressure on the neck, blocking the windpipe or the carotid artery, has become your signature move?

Alexey Oleinik: And how Werdum turns “triangle” feet or “arm Kimura”? Or Jeff Monson – his famous “North-South”. Chips, is no secret. It’s not the form or the length of the hands. Just we have done it many times in training. Only when I repeat the reception of 10-20 thousand times, it starts to turn so sharp that it becomes brand��.

And what is the strong side of the derrick Lewis – your opponent for the battle on 9 August? What are we waiting for?

Alexey Oleinik: the Guy is in top 5 world rankings UFC heavyweight everything. It is huge, hefty, strong. You can expect anything: and kick, and takedown. So I try to tune.

About this fight as one of the most dangerous in your career. I agree with that assessment?

Alexey Oleinik: I would say one of the most dangerous. Mirko Filipovic for me was much harder. Werdum was not difficult, but certainly not easier. As mark hunt. The more he fought with Lewis and won. Still remember Travis brown. Werdum twice fought with him and was not able to overcome. I went against him, knowing that he strikes better than me, and younger, taller, heavier. Nevertheless, I won. Derrick “the Black beast” Lewis – wolf is terrible, but I’ll try to deal with it.

you were the main fights of the night, but not the title. How to reach them?

Alexey Oleinik: I Have belts from other organizations, but neither the candidates nor the championship fights in the UFC do not. But what to talk about. Everything goes on as usual. Win 4-5 opponents, rise in the rankings and go for a title fight. Win – go up the three steps that lose, falling just ten. Don’t like talking about prospects and what happens after. The main thing now is the fight with Lewis.

the Fight, as Werdum, will be held without spectators. The energy of the room, shouting, perhaps not enough?

Alexey Oleinik: When you close the cage, the battle begins, you have all the same. Without spectators something even a little better. The noise can be distracting. And you better hear your angle, more focus on the match and opponent. And the opponent, as I said, I have a threat.