in 1973, Switzerland was one of 2150 glacier, today there are around 1400. That is a fact. Climate change is no longer just overlook in the mountains. And to not ignore at all. We are all aware of the fact that he brakes only in common, or in the best case stop can. But what can we do as a company, as a company and as an individual?

Economically, and sustainably

as an energy – and infrastructure-services Provider brings cost-efficiency with sustainability. We have built over twenty years ago with partners on Mont-Crosin in the Bernese Jura the first wind farm in Switzerland. Last year, we launched the first Swiss company to a Green Bond – a bond whose funds flows into sustainable projects.

Ecological presence

We are constantly working on solutions for a future worth living, and put them yourself. For everyone to experience the BKW Wood Cube, our ideal venue for large events is. He is simple in Design, eco-friendly and mobile. Our Wood Cube is largely energy self-sufficient. Thanks to the modular solution of the BKW Home Energy, consisting of a PV plant on the roof and sustainable design, with built-in control, provided the Cube is largely self-energy. At the world Cup event in Adelboden, around 5000 skiers have visited the Wood Cube and be stress-free atmosphere and its heat is enjoyed.

sustainability, a partner of major events

In world Cup races in Adelboden and Wengen occurs BKW as a sustainability partner. It helps with your expertise, to design aspects such as Transport, waste, safety and energy environment friendly. This year, the Swiss world Cup solar lights race for the first time used.

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