Writers get paid 183 million in bibliotekspenge in the year. They are paid before the time due coronakrise.

Slots and the Danish agency for culture pays 183 million kroner to the Danish authors.

It happens in connection with the payment of the annual bibliotekspenge, which has been brought forward because of coronakrisen.

More than 10,000 authors get a share of the 183 million dollars, which is an increase from last year’s payout of 179 million dollars.

the Payout happens to writers and other creative artists, whose books are available on the country’s public libraries, libraries ‘ digital udlånstjenester and secondary educational learning centers.

Like all other parts of the Danish society, the authors are now affected by coronakrisen. Among other things, is much of the physical book sales stopped, because a part of the country’s bookstores are closed temporarily.

– Therefore, I have been in dialogue with the Slots – and the Danish agency for culture, and asked them to speed up the payout of the annual bibliotekspenge, says minister of culture, Joy Mogensen (S) in a press release.

– More than 10,000 persons can therefore look forward to get paid money today. It is perhaps a small thing, but every action helps.

There are both paid bibliotekspenge for physical books and e-books and netlydbøger. On average, the recipients receive paid 17.472 crowns.

The highest amount paid is on 732.760 crowns.

the Top 10 list of recipients of the bibliotekspenge for physical books is largely unchanged compared to last year. Again it is the author Bjarne Reuter, who is in the top among this year’s recipients.

However, there is a lot of movement in the top 10-the list of recipients of the digital bibliotekspenge. The author Maria Helleberg takes over first place from Leif Davidsen, who has gone from first place last year to third place this year.

Bibliotekspengene is a part of the finance act, where in the year is set aside 183 million kroner. Of this six percent for e-books and netlydbøger. This corresponds to just over 11 million dollars.