He started work on July 17. At the opening of the prize “For contribution to the development of contemporary Russian cinema” was awarded to Konstantin Habenskogo. During the work the festival several times has attracted increased attention due to the fact that it hosted the premieres of new Russian films – for example – “Beauty shot” Yana Gladkikh, “Shadow stars” Dmitry Gubarev and others.

And then came the day when the jury delivered its verdict, determined the winners in the program, which was Nikita Kartsev. In the jury this year included Anton Malyshev, Executive Director of the Foundation for the development of modern cinema “KINOPROM”, head of Department of distribution and marketing the film Institute, producer of over 30 films and TV series; Anastasia Palchikova – writer, Director, singer, songwriter; Egor Koreshkov – the actor of theatre and cinema, producer.

the Grand Prix of the festival won the film “Alfaromeo” directed by Radik Rakhimov. The best Director named Ksenia Lagutina for the movie “Farid”. Award for best screenplay went to Victor Belanov and Oleg Nagornov for the painting “Box of Paul.” Best actress went to Darya Alymova for her role in the movie “Rails-rails, sleepers, sleepers,” directed by Tatiana Gulino. The film “Pavlov’s Dog” directed by Yana Esipovich was awarded the prize for the best artistic solution. Diplomas of the festival received films “Gold buttons” Alexey Evstigneev, “Waiting for the sun” George gubko and “Registration” Michael Borodin.

Guests of the closing ceremony of the IV festival BITTER fest are the actors Vladimir Lyubimtsev, an lukeria Ilyashenko, Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka, Anna Banshchikova, Egor Koreshkov, Anna Kotova-Deryabina Igor jijikin, Anatoly Gushchin; directed by Anastasia Palchikova, Anton Bilzho, Victoria Rozova and others.

Concluding the festival, its President Mikhail Porechenkov again thanked all those without whom this year in these special circumstances, BITTER fest could not take place, and gave the filmmakers his parting words: “Go to high and beautiful, I would like, by leaps and bounds, draw conclusions, make decisions, put questions and, most importantly, answer them. To put the questions are many, but a true artist can also answer questions. This is his strength”.

Oksana Mikheeva, producer of the festival said thanks to all “for understanding of the situation, for strict adherence to prescribed measures and recommendations. Thanks to the team for so quickly and forcefully was able to restructure and reformat under these forced circumstances festival”. Mikheyev also noted that “2021 will be a special year for the region – Nizhny Novgorod will celebrate the 800th anniversary, and for us BITTER – fest will celebrate its first anniversary, it will be the fifth festival. We sincerely hope that next year will be able to hold the festival greatly and truly, and already active��but working on it.”