The frustration was deep at Liverpool FC after the oddly lost Champions League final against Real Madrid. Only one tried to keep his attitude: coach Jürgen Klopp.

Celebration order for players: While the Liverpool players crept out of the dressing room like a heap of misery after the unfortunate 1-0 defeat at the Stade de France in Paris against Real Madrid, a deeply sad Jürgen Klopp looked ahead again. According to “Bild”, the coach gave his players a “celebration order”.

Parade in Liverpool: After the game, hardly any Reds kicker even wanted to touch a frustrated beer. Defender Andrew Robertson (28): “It just hurts.” But from 4 p.m. the team is expected in Liverpool for a big parade with the fans. And there should be a real celebration.

Two titles: After all, Liverpool won two cup titles in England this season and only narrowly missed out on the big triumph in the championship and the Champions League. “Even if nobody on the planet understands that we’re going to make a parade, we’re going to make one. And I hope that everyone who has time in Liverpool will come,” said Klopp after the game.

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