the Surfer in the Australian state of Western Australia bounced off the five-meter shark-Ogre, striking it on the snout and biting her in the mouth a piece of Board. This publication reports The Sun.

Day 31 July 28-year-old Phil Mummert (Phil Mummert) was surfing on the beach of bunker Bay. Suddenly he was attacked by a great white shark, also known as the shark-eater.

“I was sitting on my Desk, and suddenly the shark bit me. The next thing I knew, I was already in the water and the surf Board broken in half,” said Mummert. The front part of the surfboard floated in the water, and the back was still attached to his leg.

“the Back of the Board was between me and the shark. I grabbed the Board with both hands and tried to shove the shark in jaws. It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening. It seemed that everything was happening in slow motion,” he told the Australian. He began to beat the predatory fish on the snout and head.

Other surfers saw what is happening and rushed to help. “I remember seeing the size of her dorsal fin. He was about a meter in height. The shark was still there for me when other guys came to help,” said Mummert. “These guys are absolute heroes. They saved my life,” he said.

the Victim was taken ashore and hospitalized. The doctors stitched the gaping wound from the bite on his leg.

Earlier it was reported that a fisherman near the island of Nantucket off the coast of the USA has removed on video as the great white shark, also known as the man-eater, in his eyes, no one left floating in the ocean the carcass of the whale. Fisherman with his boat captured the moment a shark swam up to the whale carcass and clung to her teeth.