in order for the Plus over the weekend adds up to 33 percent. This is the strongest Rally since a year and a half.

the optimism was Fed by the plans of the government in Beijing, the use of the crypto underlying Blockchain technology for cross-border financial transactions currencies to check. “Against the Background of disappointment with Facebook’s Libra, most investors have had with more case rates,” said Analyst Timo Emden from Emden Research. However, it is questionable whether the current Rally was sustainable. In the past few weeks, several companies from the consortium for the Libra had withdrawn, the proposed crypto-currency of the Online network, back.

risks of Facebook-cyber currency Libra

The criticism of the new digital how the of Facebook the planned currency Libra is growing currencies. In a work report of the group of seven major economic Nations for the autumn meetings of the IMF and the world Bank, i.e., so-called “Stablecoins