Muscovites and inhabitants of Moscow suburbs warned about the storm, which could last until July 14. Declared a “yellow” level weather risk.

the Weather is potentially dangerous. Thunderstorm, — stated in the message of hydrometeorological centre of Russia.

Warning is valid until 12:00 on July 14.

On 12 July, according to forecasts of weather forecasters, places will pass rains, thunderstorms. Temperatures by day will be up to plus 30 degrees above zero. The atmospheric pressure in the middle of the day will be 748 mm Hg. St.. a relative humidity of about 50%.

This weather is called a weather biotropic effect of combining external conditions of hypoxia with thermal discomfort (heat and overheating). Hypertensive, hypotensive, meteodependent people recommended to avoid stress, sun exposure, drink up to five liters of fluid per day. In people with chronic diseases can be headaches, dizziness, pain in the heart, arterial pressure jumps. Deterioration of health can be observed in healthy people.

The coldest for all history of observations on 12 July in Moscow in 1905, the air is not warmed and up to seven degrees, and in 1936 was temperature record — 32.4 degrees, reports the Weather Bureau.

Wrote previously, the scientific Director of hydrometeorological centre Roman Vilfand has confirmed that normal in the Moscow region approaching the southern regions of the European part of Russia. According to him, this trend will continue. This is due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases. Global warming has affected most precisely in the Moscow region.