Denmark can in a short time, to switch to a much more aggressive testing strategy, as the WHO recommends, and the daily testing of thousands of coronaviruses.

It evaluates several biologists at the country’s universities, after that also the government now has criticised the health service to test for a bit. It writes Politiken.

“There are hundreds or thousands of machines in Denmark, so we can test faster than the population can reach to open your mouth and deliver a saliva sample,” says Peter Kamp Busk, who is an associate professor in the medicinalbiologi at Roskilde University with several years of expertise in the virustests in the Danish pharmaceutical industry, to Politiken.

a total Of five universities in Denmark make their laboratories and personnel available to the health care system. In addition, several pharmaceutical companies and industrial laboratories has offered to analyze samples from Danish patients for the coronavirus.

the Offer comes after several experts have criticized the authorities for failing to test more aggressively for coronasmitte. The main argument is that an offensive in the testing strategy increases the effect of the other actions, the government has implemented, including quarantine.

in Addition, the extensive testing necessary in order to keep the spread of infection to a minimum, when the society at a time is opened again.

The test for the coronavirus takes place by a so-called PCR-analysis of a saliva sample from the throat, which, according to the universities is a routine task for biologists.

the Faroe islands and Norway in a short time, diverted fødevarelaboratorier, which usually tests for the virus in the salmon, to test for coronavirus in humans. The same can universities do in Denmark and be ready in a few days, believes Peter Kamp Busk.

“I’ve had tredjeårsstuderende, as in their semester projects have set the PCR-analysis up in a short time. Alone at Roskilde University, where we have a small laboratory compared with the other universities, we will probably be able to run 1000 test a day,” he says to Politiken.