Irina Shayk/Bella Hadid

a Few of the famous models dreamed of this career since childhood. Most of the stars of the catwalk were accidentally spotted by the scouting agencies, and some first and did not take them very tempting offers seriously. A young girl was planning an ordinary life: looking for a job, choose training courses or studied at the University. br>
Pandemic coronavirus of many in the fashion industry made me think it would be possible to continue to do their work as before, because the factory stopped, canceled shows, stopped shooting. We propose to recall one of the models is another job in reserve, and to imagine who they could become, if not a happy meeting with the scout.

Irina Shayk

In a 2011 interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Shayk said that she, along with her sister Tatiana was planning to become a beautician. It is also known that after school, Irene went to Chelyabinsk native of Yemanzhelinsk, where he enrolled in the local economic College to study marketing.

soon, However, her life changes happened: she won a modeling contest and was spotted by the scout faced Jikidze, who advised her to seriously pursue a modeling business. In 2005, Irina moved to Paris and then to new York. In 2011, she also became the first Russian model on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

From that moment all went only on the rise: work with the best brands, novels with world stars (her relationship and breakup with Bradley Cooper became almost the main theme of the world’s press in 2019) and millions of fans. Quit sitting in lectures, to sit in the front row at the Oscars, perhaps, was worth it.

Cindy Crawford

the Supermodel of the 90s Cindy Crawford was also born in the province, but before to conquer the world’s catwalks, she went on to study chemical engineering at the prestigious northwestern University. For training in one of the best universities in the U.S. she received an academic scholarship as he graduated from the school with the highest scores. At this University he studied, taught or engaged in research activities 19 Nobel prize winners!

But Cindy was not destined in the future to fill this list and make a career in science. Studies she had to quit, getting serious offers in the modeling business. The sacrifice was not in vain — Cindy became a cult model, participated in fashion shows by Versace, Chanel and other famous brands.

Bella Hadid

Initially, Bella Hadid wanted to become a professional rider and wanted to take part in the Olympic games in 2016. But then she was diagnosed with Lyme disease (an infectious disease that occurs after the biteand the tick), and serious sports had to quit.

In 2014, when she was 18, she moved to new York to study photography at the Parsons School of design, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the field of fashion in the United States. But in the end moved to the other side of the camera as her older sister Gigi, she chose a career as a model.

Gigi Hadid

Older sister Bella, Gigi, too, first traveled from Los Angeles to new York to go to auditions, although her modeling career she began at the age of two years, and to get an education. And in her chosen profession was far from the Bohemian world — Gigi began studying criminal psychology.

But soon the girl had to make a choice. In 2011, she renewed her collaboration with the brand Guess, with whom she had worked in childhood, and three years later debuted at fashion Week in new York. However, the feeling of pleasant nostalgia from their studies left — Gigi is not just remember that she loved to spend time in College.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

At the age of 15, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley went to a modeling Agency, but not for casting! The girl was there school practice as an assistant: brewed tea for guests, sent faxes and did other typical office work. This should be the first step on the way to the main dream girl — Rosie wanted to go to College and become a fashion designer. But during practice Rosie received an offer to try herself as a model and digress from the intended target.

I thought, “well, this at least will give me some experience in the industry, and I will be able to work with different designers from around the world”. I eventually managed to do

— remember Rosie in an interview with Business Standard.

Anok Wye

If for some models of study at University eventually becomes a hindrance to a modeling career, then in the case of a native of the Sudan Anok why it was not so.

At the age of 19 Anok studied biochemistry in Massachusetts. Not be it a student, it could have been otherwise, because a fateful meeting with a photographer occurred at the student festival.

Anok Wye

Her photos published in instagram, went viral — thousands of people admired her beauty and was advised to become a model. It gave Wye confidence, she decided to change occupation and not lost. Today Anok is one of the most sought-after black models. In addition, she became the second African-American in history, opening the Prada show (the first was Naomi Campbell in 1997).

Fernanda Lee

Fernanda Lee was a normal student architaccumulo faculty of the University of Technology of Sydney, when the shopping center it was noticed by a model scout. In 2015, at the age of 20 years Fernanda, whose distinctive feature was the pink hair, debuted on the catwalk of Louis Vuitton for the exclusive rights to the model. Then on her right, and wrote all the major fashion publications, including Vogue.

Fernanda If

the Girl said that does not build serious plans for her it was first and foremost an opportunity to escape from the routine. Nevertheless Fernanda’s modelling career develops. From its signature pink hair, she refused, being blonde, but continues to shoot for magazines and participate in fashion shows.

Elle MacPherson

At the University of Sydney (but at the faculty of law) for decades before Fernanda studied and Elle MacPherson. In the future, the record holder for most covers of Sports Illustrated became interested in modeling as a part time job that will allow her to earn money “on the books”. But the rule that there is nothing more permanent than something temporary, once again confirmed. Soon the ale was not to textbooks — MacPherson became a successful model.

Paloma Elsesser

Paloma Elsesser belongs to a new generation of models, which were discovered through the social networks. Her blog noticed, the girl began to receive invitations to the shooting, but the first major success was the participation in the project Pat McGrath.

this dream girl then was not the catwalk in new York, she studied literature and psychology and in the future, I saw myself as a writer. Now Paloma is focused at the development of a modeling career, but it will definitely be something to write in his memoirs. This year Elsesser was the first model plus-size, which took part in the Fendi show.

Carla Bruni

modeling Career star 90s, Carla Bruni began at age 19 in 1987, and before that studied art at one of the colleges of Paris. Craving for creativity explained — Carl was born in the family of pianist and composer (father of the model, however, was also a big businessman). As in the case of Gigi Hadid and Karl to the world of fashion was opened by President and creative Director of Guess Paul Marciano — just for this brand Bruni debuted as a model.

By the early 90s, she was among top 20 highest paid models. However, the art of of his life Charles had not struck — after completing a modeling career, she still has devoted himself to music.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is primarily known for the cover of Sports Illustrated — she debuted in 2010. But dream girls have been associated with a different profession. After high school, Chrissy wanted to be a chef, but her first job was toLINEST shop for surfers. There’s something to it and noticed a photographer who offered to send pictures to the Agency.

By the way, my youth dream Teigen also partly implemented model has written several cookbooks.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss is some exclusion on this list, as a new profession, she decided to get when I was a famous model. The thing is that Carly is a very early modeling career: the scouts found her when she was 13 years old, and at age 15 she had already appeared on the professional podium, and took part in the fashion show of Calvin Klein. Therefore, the possibility to get education right after high school, the model was not — she was focused on his career.

to Catch up Carly decided in 2015, when she was 23 years old. Kloss went to College individual instruction, Gallatin at new York University. There, she learned programming, and also attended classes at the business school of Harvard. The model also advocates for the promotion of education in technology, engineering and exact Sciences among girls.

by the Way, in College Gallatin studied and supermodel of the ‘ 90s Christy Turlington. In 1999, she received the degree of bachelor of science, specializing in comparative religion and Eastern philosophy. In 2009, Turlington enrolled in a master’s program in public health at Columbia University.

Christy Turlington