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422 of the residents there have in fact health care in Bindal municipality in the Helgeland region.

If any of these should be tested for koronavirus, your doctor must basically travel from Bindal to Nærøysund. It is a trip that can take three hours round-trip.

the Alternative is that the patient even cross fylkesgrensa in a proper way.

I would like to wished that they could have been tested in their municipality, so that we had released this here, ” says The mayor Britt Helstad the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK.

– It would be natural that each municipality has responsibility for its residents, but they have enough depreciation on the doctors with him, ” she adds.

Kommuneoverlegen in Nærøysund rejects the criticism. Read her answers further down. Claims the two have been tested

The much talked about northern karantenereglene also applies in Bindal.

Anyone who has been off the coast of Helgeland in quarantine when they arrive in the municipality.

But, since many jobs in the municipalities in the neighboring county, it is made except for dagpendling.

< p> the Mayor believes smittekartlegging shows that søringkarantene is correct

Kommuneoverlege Trond Iversen in The claims patients from the Nærøysund have driven to them to be tested for koronavirus. He likes the situation poorly.

I think it must be allowed to ask if they provide to take responsibility for their own citizens. When so many are on the waiting list there, and 422 patients come here, there are a few things that suggest that they do not do it.

So far, they have tested two people from the neighboring municipality, according to him.

In addition, several of the patients, their Nærøysund in hjemmekarantene because of respiratory symptoms.

Miss help from the neighbor

– All the tests in the Bindal is so far, the bank of table, negative. We are very keen to have a good emergency, and then it is a little unfortunate if we doctors must enter in the other municipalities and the risk of transmission of infection, says kommuneoverlegen.

The worst thing will be if one of the doctors our was going to be sick. Then we get a challenge. But we haven’t discussed yet, ” says mayor Britt Helstad.

The municipality is located entirely south of the northern boundaries of the county. Here is the mayor depicted at the border of the North-Trøndelag.

Photo: Ole Christian Olsen / NRK

Bindal municipality shall meet with the county governor in Nordland on Friday to discuss, among other things, this case.

Kommuneoverlegen emphasizes that the course takes responsibility for the patients who have a family doctor in Bindal.

But miss that the neighboring municipality contributes.

– For example, we want to know the municipality’s internal procedures, but only get a sharp response back. They also don’t want to test these patients, yourself, claim Here.

Denies that they have been asked

NRK has gained access to an e-mail sent from kommuneoverlegen in Bindal, to the fylkeslegen in Nordland. Where he claims that Nærøysund reject to test patients for koronasmitte.

“Our chief councilor in writing to Nærøysund asked if we pandemisituasjonen can assume that the neighboring municipality of accountability above their own citizens even if they have a family doctor in Bindal. The answer, today we have received from Nærøysund seems very strange, they refuse both to perform koronatesting and vaccinations of their own citizens.”

Kommuneoverlege Sabine Moshövel in Nærøysund municipality set itself completely rejected for this measure from Bindal. She claims it all must be a misunderstanding.

We have not gotten a single request for koronatesting from Bindal. I expect fastlegene where takes contact with us if there should be a need, ” she says to NRK.

Moshövel says she recently became familiar with the matter through a letter from the fylkeslegen in Nordland. She claims she has tried to get in the Bindal-doctors – without success.

– If The ask you to make a koronatest, so do you do it?

of Course, but I have not received any request.

– Is legesituasjonen in Nærøysund for the poor when so many people choose himself a family doctor in the neighboring municipality?

the Municipality has fastlegemangel, like so many others, but we have available vikarlister. The patient can choose for yourself. We have not encouraged them to to select the doctors in other municipalities.

NAV Nordland answers your question, You need javascript to see the video. More about koronaviruset OversiktSiste nyttSpørsmålNyhetsbrev