the Mother of American singer Billy Ailes told about her unhealthy fascination with canadian singer Justin Bieber in childhood. According to Maggie O’connell, the girl even thought to go for treatment. This she shared in the podcast me & dad radio that Billy Ailes leads with his father.

“I Just want to note that we really thought about taking you to a psychologist… You were so hurt by Justin Bieber. It was so dark, so much pain,” recalls O’connell. The singer claimed the story was humiliating.

According to her mother, when listening to the track Bieber As Long As You Love Me Ailish couldn’t hold back the tears. Now the singers are friendly and even recorded a cover of hit the Bad Guy.

Earlier it was reported that Billy Ailes complained to the court on the annoying fan and Prunella Russo took out a restraining order requiring the man not to approach her at a distance of 90 meters. Annoying fan frequently appeared at her house, touched the door handle and call.