Alki David (50) was only a few weeks ago in Gstaad. Now the handcuffs on the multi-billion-heritage clicked: On the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, he landed with his private jet and with 5000 Cannabis plants!

Alki David was born in illustrious company: The Jet business partner, the billionaire Chase sass Ergen. Also, my friend and actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers (41), and whose family were in Flight. The customs officials looked at the Jet but a closer look and discovered the forbidden cargo. Cannabis seeds, Cannabis Oil, and the plants were the officials for sure.

All the protestations of David, that is CBD-hemp – THC-free hemp ran into the Void, as the Daily Mail reported. David’s family owns a stake in Coca-Cola, produces and distributes the drink in 28 countries.


A view of Alki David’s Instagram shows that He tried a piece of the CBD-pie. With headquarters in Switzerland, His company is called Swissx, sells a variety of CBD products, with headquarters in Gstaad. However, the cultivation in the Caribbean is easier, writes the company in a Statement. That’s not like the authorities, apparently. Because whether it’s CBD or not: is The cultivation of Cannabis on the island illegally.

Alki David is mad: He says to the local newspaper: “I was never in my life in the prison, me has not yet created no one in handcuffs. I was humiliated, my friend, will be further humiliated. We have done nothing wrong.” (neo -)