Qualcomm reckoned in the number but also to the absence of obligations towards Apple and the iPhone-Pavers. The dispute with Apple had been reduced by the chip group is financially hard: Qualcomm got since 2017 no more payments from the iPhone foundries, had estimated the loss of revenue of seven billion dollars, together with interest.

in the end of March completed second fiscal quarter, the load was still noticeable. The turnover decreased in the year-on-year by 5 percent to $ 5 billion, as Qualcomm announced after the US market close on Wednesday. The profit Qualcomm was able to double at the same time, thanks to a lower expenditure to 663 million dollars.

Minus the payment from the Apple comparison, Qualcomm expects to close the current year with a further decline in Revenues. Apple is only expected to occur for the coming year, as a Qualcomm customer. With the currently second-largest Smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, Qualcomm still has no permanent patent deal. The investors were of the view not impressed: The share price fell in after-hours trading at times of around five percent.

Apple had started the dispute with Qualcomm two years ago and accused the group in a lawsuit to demand high licensing fees for its patents, as well as to pursue unfair competition. Qualcomm countered with the accusation that Apple devices will be used by the group invented technology without a patent license. Apple moved the modem to the most recent iPhone models exclusively with the semiconductor giant Intel will retire after the settlement of the patent conflict of the business with Smartphone Chips.

Qualcomm is primarily known as a leading provider of Smartphone Chips is known, the patent licenses are the second – and more lucrative – leg to stand on. This business model is also available after the end of the Apple dispute is under pressure: In January, there was a process to a lawsuit, the U.S. trade authority, the FTC, the Qualcomm accused of unfair competition through patent licensing as a precondition for chip deliveries. This procedure is not decided by jury but by a judge, your jury is still out.