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the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is among the world’s largest humanitarian foundations. Behind the foundation is Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and his wife who now open your wallet in the hope of developing an effective vaccine against koronaviruset as quickly as possible.

It was on the popular american TV program “The Daily Show” last week that the 64-year-old told about the plans to spend billions of dollars on vaksineproduksjon.

– to put a stop to the disease, we need a safe and effective vaccine. If we do everything right we can have a vaccine ready in less than 18 months. Never has a vaccine been developed so fast, says Gates in a post in the Washington Post.

– Every month counts

Gates explains that the foundation will fund the construction of seven factories which will be working with various koronavaksine candidates. Eventually they will choose one or two of the seven candidates and further develop these.

Thus, the filthy rich american tuned that billions of dollars are “thrown away”. But, since you now lose trillions of dollars worldwide due to the pandemic, is “a few billion to help worth it”, according to 64-year-old.

– Even if we end up with to pick out a maximum of two of them, we come to finance factories for all seven. This in order not to waste time to find out which vaccine that works and then build the factory.

– We can save months, and every month counts, ” he says and points out that the foundation his can mobilize faster than the government can in the fight against koronaviruset.

the Reason why they have to build seven different factories is that each vaccine requires unique equipment.

record time: the Development of a vaccine has never before happened so fast as now, and with massive financial support from the Bill Gates might a vaccine be ready in record time.

Photo: ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP – Important investments since January, scientists have mapped the genes in the new koronaviruset Sars-CoV-2, and in record time started the testing of various vaccines in humans. A company in Seattle in the united STATES delivered the first dose of a possible koronavaksine to testing 16. march.

With Gates-the foundation’s financial support can a koronavaksine hopefully come on the market even earlier than it otherwise would.

OPTIMISTIC: Acting director Svein Lie think we can have a koronavaksine ready for a over a year.

Photo: Terje Bendiksby

The american is doing now means a lot, believe acting director Svein Lie.

– This is very important investment to society because it is the big loss when we can’t handle it. But there is also great uncertainty when it comes to the vaccine we can use, therefore this must be done in a proper scientific method, he tells.

Lie explains that as of now are two vaccines in the first testing-phase, phase one, and approximately 60 at the preparatory level. The trial will first show whether the vaccine is harmful for the one who takes it, so if it gives the effect and have large gruppeeffekter. Therefore, the development of such a vaccine time, but Lie nevertheless, believe it is realistic to have a vaccine ready in under 18 months, so Gates claims.

– It matches with what I hear in other contexts. It is not right around the corner, but in the course of a just over a year; yes.

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