Bill gates said, how much time to defeat coronavirus

co-Founder and former head of Microsoft bill gates has urged people to remain calm in the face of a pandemic coronavirus. Recently, the billionaire has posted on Twitter a photo with the caption: “I’m working from home” and then answered questions from Reddit users about social distancing, the creation of vaccines and the economic impact of coronavirus.

gates was asked how long the pandemic. Gates believes that to effectively combat Covid-19 in USA need quarantine for up to 10 weeks and test. Bill gates said that in this case, there will be very few cases and for the United States will be able to re-open to the world.

gates has for many years deals with problems of health as part of their work in the non-profit bill and Melinda gates Foundation. Recently, gates announced that he was leaving the boards of Directors of Microsoft Corporation, which he founded in 1975, and Berkshire Hathaway. He said he wants to focus more on philanthropy.

In late January, the bill and Melinda gates Foundation said it will donate $10 million to fight the coronavirus, a few days later increased this amount to $100 million In the statement of the Foundation said that up to $20 million will go to identifying, isolating and caring for sick, another $20 million will direct health authorities of the countries of Asia and Africa on the development of urgent care centers and measures of disease surveillance. The remaining $60 million will be spent on the creation of a vaccine.

Microsoft co-Founder said that with the right actions, including testing and social distancing within 2-3 months, developed countries must avoid a high level of infection. Gates believes that the economic damage will be greater in developing countries where the capacity of the hospitals is much lower, and to carry out social distancing as effectively as in developed countries, it is impossible. In response to the question about what Americans can do to help other peopleof pits in the country, bill gates called upon only to remain calm, despite the circumstances.

last year, during the same session of questions and answers on Reddit, gates was asked to name the main threat to humanity. He pointed to the large unlikely incidents, including pandemic. Gates was reminded of the epidemic of Spanish influenza, which, most likely, was the most massive pandemic of influenza in the entire history of mankind as the number of infected and number of deaths.

gates noted that the ability of people to travel around the world in modern conditions promotes the more rapid dissemination of the infection than had been observed in the last century.

“We should be able to quickly scale diagnostics, drugs and vaccines,” said gates. “There are technologies that allow to do it well, if you make the right investment. Countries can work together. We have created CEPI = the Coalition for innovation in the field of epidemic preparedness, which has done some work in the area of vaccines, but which should be funded at a higher level to have reserve capacities for the whole world.”

the bill and Melinda gates Foundation paid for the purchase of 15 000 drug molecules for testing as potential drugs against coronavirus, writes The Guardian with reference to the Belgian newspaper De Standaard.

the Molecules that constitute the active ingredients of modern antiviral drugs were purchased from research Institute of SCRIPPS in California. Experts hope to identify the ingredients that can inhibit the activity of the new virus.