Jeremy Clarkson was world-renowned as the host of the tv program “Top Gear”. A little work, which ended abruptly in 2015 because of him. 11. april fills the he 60 years.

He is loved for his outspoken humor and shape, which do not take into account any.

Similarly, there are many who can’t endure him because of just this.

the Man’s English Jeremy Clarkson, who most people know as one of the three hosts of the tv program “Top Gear”, where he was hosted in many years. 11. april fills the he 60 years.

Jeremy Clarksons career started in lokaljournalistik in the north of England. Ago specialized himself in to write on motor vehicles, and making tv programmes about them.

It is this passion that has made him a known face all over the world.

First as the host of the original “Top Gear”program in 1988. Since in a later edition, as the british broadcaster BBC started to produce in 2002 and still send the day.

In 2015 got the popular program to a very abrupt end for Jeremy Clarksons them.

the Cause was to be found in Jeremy Clarksons temperament, which came to expression when he ended up in a scuffle with a producer from the production of “Top Gear”.

After having notified the Jeremy Clarkson, that there was hot food after the day’s work, was the producer Oisin Tymon verbally overfuset and knocked in the head by the tv host.

the Incident got the BBC to fire Jeremy Clarkson from the popular tv-program in may 2015.

Despite a large petition to reinstate him as the host of the program, was the BBC firmly on the firing.

since then is “Top Gear”programme continues with new hosts. Also on Danish tv, where Felix Smith is the host of the Danish version of the program.

Jeremy Clarksons co-host, James May and Richard Hammond, chose to leave the program in conjunction with Clarkson in 2015.

They began instead to produce the program “The Grand Tour” of the Amazon Video, which reminds a lot of the format “Top Gear” was known for.

Private has Jeremy Clarkson been married to Alexandre James and Frances Cain.

From the relationship with Frances Cain, he has children Emily Clarkson, Finlo Clarkson and Katya Clarkson.