Bild: German special flight from Wuhan is not allowed in Moscow

Moscow has not given permission to the intermediate landing of the aircraft of the air forces of Germany, evacuating citizens of Germany from China. The reason, according to German tabloid Bild, was named a lack of capacity on the ground.

on Friday, January 31, Airbus A310 flew to Wuhan for the evacuation of German citizens from the epicenter of the spread of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV. A day earlier, flew into Moscow the pilots of replaceable crew to pilot the plane on the way back, after refueling in the Russian capital.

According to the German newspaper, the aircraft took from Wuhan 144: 108 Germans, 34 Chinese, one Bulgarian and one American. And there, while the plane was on the ground, the news about the refusal of Russia to the intermediate landing of the plane in Moscow.

Russia, however, agreed on the migration of the German airliner over its territory, said the commander of the Air fleet of the government of Germany Colonel Daniel Draken. However, in the intermediate landing in one of Moscow airports was denied, citing a lack of capacity on the ground.

Instead, the plane flew via Helsinki. According to the German air force, he had already landed safely in the Finnish capital for refuelling and crew change.

#coronavirus: Der #A310 Flugbereitschaft der ist sicher gelandet in Helsinki. Die Crew wird gewechselt und das Flugzeug für den Weiterflug nach Frankfurt betankt. @bundeswehrInfo @Bw_Einsatz #Team_Luftwaffe

— Team_Luftwaffe (@Team_Luftwaffe) February 1, 2020