The first weekend in the world Cup environment, go for bike-Bubi Noah Dettwiler (14) full of promise. In the first race of the Red Bull Rookies Cup in Jerez, he drives 15. immediately in the points. But the weekend ends with pain.

In the second race of the Solothurn is on the road again in the direction of. But then it throws him brutally. He hits hard on the Kerbs, and must be transported to the Medical Center.

“I have a small fracture in the Hand, but luckily nothing worse happened,” says Dettwiler. A tear in the middle finger, he has retreated. Otherwise, it’s good for him. In two weeks he wants on the Tests of the European Talent Cup already back in the track.

Dupasquier already strong,

Jason Dupasquier (17), the second Swiss in the Red Bull Rookies Cup, get on with it. He is in the first race, Seventh in the second race Fourth. (sme)