equal pay for Equal work is one of the Central claims of the second Swiss woman strikes, the 14. June takes place. An important step towards wage equality, wage transparency. Because “if the wages are transparent, then there is no discrimination in wages be paid more,” says the Unia-trade Union leader, Isabelle Lüthi (30). She is also the project Manager of an online platform for pay transparency. There, interested parties can set their wage to be open and show the name, occupation and a photo to your personal contribution to the wage debate.

speak to make An important contribution, as Lüthi says: “About the salary in Switzerland is a big taboo. We want to break.” However, this taboo has become smaller. Because a majority of the respondents of the wage satisfaction study is clear for more wage transparency.

commissioned by the online portal of jobs.ch in cooperation with the Forschungsstelle Sotomo a Switzerland-wide survey on wage satisfaction is carried out. Were between the age of 17. 22. May about 10’000 persons interviewed. The population constitutes the working population of Switzerland aged 18 to 65 years of age.

Interesting: women are more in favour of all wages to be disclosed. But a majority of men want to know what earning colleagues. From the point of view of workers, this requirement makes sense. But what does the employer say on the subject?

employers are skeptical

The Swiss employers Association, on request, of VIEW attention to the fact that there is a Problem of disclosure of Individual wages consists, above all, “the fact that work colleagues are participating despite knowledge of the wages of their work, and colleagues are unlikely to be able to assess the basis for the wage level”. So, such training or experience may not be properly assessed.

However, there is a recipe, a wasted trade unionist Lüthi: “it is Important for all traceable System is, how the individual wages are the result.”

but What did the respondents expect more pay transparency? Especially fairer wages, but not higher. This is surprising, as Lüthi white: “In General, are not reduced, the high wages, but the depths lifted. This also means high earners not have to fear transparency.”

envy debate

fears that the employers, who warn of “resentment and a poor working climate” is not in doubt. 44 percent of the surveyed in the study men more fear of envy. Envy that colleague earns more. Especially high earners with an annual wage of more than 110’000 Swiss francs for fear of the envy of debate in the company.

Also this Argument counters the trade unionist: “The envy of the debate can be heated where there is no transparency.” Because worse than unfair wage customized differences are only open yet unproven wage differences, the speculations of the door.