It remained until at the end of an exciting race: 8000 to 9000 votes were cast by the readers in each of the eight photo categories, for a total of over 65,000 Votes. And the three contenders for the title of the best camera phones competed at the highest level.

Both the iPhone 11 Pro and the Huawei P30 Per were able to choose three disciplines for themselves. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 won in two areas. If you count together all the percentage points that makes the iPhone 11 the race. 279 percentage points, reaching the Apple device. The VIEW-readers will see the iPhone is so ahead of the Huawei P30 Per, the total is 270 percentage points. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ranked # 3 251 percent.

iPhone balanced, Huawei P30 Per extremely

The victory earned the iPhone 11 with very balanced results. In seven of the eight categories, the Apple phone is very good and can convince 30 to 50 percent of the readers. Only in the case of the Zoom-recording there is, with 12 percent a “Abschiffer”. Otherwise the Huawei P30 Pro, which dominated the two categories with 60 and more percent of the total, but also in two areas has no Chance.

the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is more balanced, but just a couple of percentage points less than the competition. And it has a night mode that is convincing only if it is still quite dark.

these are the detailed results – below you will find the numbers the pictures and the exact Vote:

The distribution is quite balanced. The winner is Samsung with 38 percent, but also iPhone, 34 and Huawei with 27 per cent are not cut off. It is amazing that the picture with the most Details (such as on the ceiling has to be visible) will get the worst rating.

it looks Totally different, if you shoot outside a building during the night. The P30 Pro from Huawei is winning with 59 percent, the iPhone reached at least 34 per cent. Is cut off is the Samsung, with only 7 percent. Here is the photo like the VIEW-readers at best, that makes the night to day.

The Galaxy Note 10 can be implemented, with 41 percent of the vote – surely due to the natural image. iPhone 11 Pro with 30 percent and Huawei P30 Per with 29 per cent are virtually in the same position, even if the shots look completely different.

Here, the less wide the wide angle of the Huawei don’t like with a rather low-contrast photo to the readers at all. Ergo, he reached only 10 percent of the vote. The iPhone wins with 47 percent, just ahead of Samsung with 43 percent.

The better the optical Zoom of the P30-Per-comes to the fore. With 67 per cent of Huawei wins the category. The Samsung reached 21 percent, the iPhone is only 12 percent. Probably because Apple nachschärft unnatural.

Also, a rather narrow decision, but the improved Selfiecam of the iPhone, with 40 percent of the vote. The Samsung reached 33 percent, the Huawei 27 percent.

The extremely high-pushed shooting the intelligent auto mode of the P30-Per-like the SIGHT-readers, with 36 per cent of the best. But also the slightly yellowish recording of the iPhone impresses with 34 percent. In the last place, but with 30 percent knocked off, lands, of the Note 10 with the most natural absorption of food.

The iPhone, you can choose the last category, with 48 percent of the vote for themselves. After all, 38 percent of the Samsung. Is behind the Huawei with 15 percent, the cooler colors like less.

night mode: capture in a difficult light photo in the dark with night mode wide-angle shot with the contrast of the buildings in the wide-angle image with 10-times-Zoom Selfie with a portrait of-function eat-in fully automatic colour and contrast