After entering the Champions League, Eintracht Frankfurt has a completely new self-perception. And you can see that in the transfer efforts. After Mario Götze, the Hessians now also want to sign Julian Weigl.

Will Weigl follow Götze? Eintracht Frankfurt is said to be working on the next spectacular deal after Mario Götze’s commitment. According to “Frankfurter Rundschau”, the Europa League winner wants to upgrade his midfield with Julian Weigl from Benfica. The former Dortmund player is still under contract in Lisbon. But both the international and his club should be ready for a transfer.

Short, compact, clear

Absurd clause in Weigl’s contract: The Benfica contract should contain an exit clause of 100 million euros, but since that is utopian anyway and does not have to be paid, a transfer to Frankfurt is quite realistic.

Successful time at Benfica: Weigl once became a national player in Dortmund under Thomas Tuchel. After things didn’t go well for him at BVB, the Munich player switched to Benfica two years ago. There he found his form again and even returned to the DFB team.