the rays of The eyes of Ursula bellwald (53), such as dialect singer Sina is called with civil name, as we are the pfyn forest along drive, one of the largest pine forests in the Alps, the stretches between Leuk VS, and Sierre, VS. In the Background, the vineyards of Salgesch lights in the midday sun. Sina pauses, inhales deeply, and then she says, here you can durchschnüüfu finally back to “”.

Sina: you could say That, in addition to the Lötschental and Gampel, VS this is my home. I was very influenced by this forest and the vineyards. When I taste this earth, and the grapes in the Hand, catapulted me immediately back to my Childhood, when my brother and I berries through the vines burnt, and grapes to be picked up.

Yes, my mother inherited to me and my brother Daniel after her death. A valuable legacy, here we remember them.

The times in which I helped as a child when Wimden the grapes are over (laughs). Today, our cellar master, Jürg Biber takes a lot of patience and Know-how to our vine. He produced with our grapes around 3000 bottles of Syrah per year. A portion of the profit of around 1000 Swiss franc in the wine, and we give it as a gift to family and friends. In addition, my brother and I once-a-year fine food, in memory of our mother.

Yes, all the girls worked in the vines. I remember long afternoons in the Vineyard. For the afternoon snack my grandmother then brought always sausage, bread and tea and in the evening she cooked for all. Your rice dish was legendary, and is unmatched until today. Of these strong and proud women I’ve been very marked.

It was a difficult time. My grandmother remained for seven years, lying in bed and not get up. I remember how we brought children your sugar cubes with klosterfrau melissengeist, in order to calm you. I think it was the demons from your youth that you have obtained.

I have to let go of until today, a lot of effort. Of people who mean a lot to me, I say goodbye always very aware of. Because I had to learn as a child, how quickly life can be. Even today, I wait, when my husband goodbye at the train station, until he disappeared from my field of view.

Yes, it’s insanely liberating, accompanied by four handles on the guitar, belting out his happiness and his despair in the world. I still have a box full of cassettes in my basement with the Songs I recorded as a 18-Year-old in a pseudo-English. I was able to realize this childhood desire to be a singer,, is for me a big happiness.

Yes. I ran and the course still, particularly on the Sunny side. Started in the Valais vineyards, through towns up to the lake hallwil, where I live today. Musically, I’m on a number of fronts on the road and not have to change the. And if it would be ready tomorrow, would I regret nothing, because I have the freedom to do my own thing.

no, those days are over. I’ve never understood why not, as a woman, if you’re a mom – whether self-chosen or not. I would have liked to have had children, but it was not to be. I accepted that and me focused on the music.

Yes, she is the daughter of my sister, Monique. We have just celebrated its seventh birthday. After we had photographed at the Gottitag together in the forest tree faces, wish you a camera of mine – in Pink, of course.

I love the water and try to swim every day in lake hallwil, as long as the water is at least 14 degrees. I start a conscious in the day, when I was first a dip in the lake. In addition, I protect my skin to sleep in front of the sun and love it. Like ten hours long.

As a young singer that was sometimes the case. I remember a producer in Germany who groped me in the Studio, and me later in the Hotel to my room followed. I’ve locked myself in and was glad to leave the next day. But those were individual cases, I have been working for years almost exclusively with men, and who are always very respectful and fair.

Yes (laughs)! I moderated, especially in the night, because it is the listeners and my rather deep voice was probably more. There was already a Post of admirers. My Song “the voice of midnight” is such a Fan, and had every evening a Radio Date with me. He was fresh, poured himself a glass of wine and listened to me for an hour.

The result, as I did three years ago in a painting class. Painting has opened up to me a completely new world in which I don’t need to, but simply can get started. Recently, I have to say, however, that next year at an exhibition in Bern to take part in the musicians and music inside your pictures show. Now I have to give up with just a bit of Gas.

I believe in energies that remain. But in a life after death, I don’t think so. Therefore, I these enjoy a round of tests, with everything that is dear to me and important.

I don’t think a long time about quitting. I started (laughs). At the Moment I’m on Tour and plans next year, a trio program. Sometimes I wonder how well I can handle in the future with the uncertainty in the music profession. And what would irritate me otherwise. Voluntarily I’m not hanging up my microphone as fast as you want on the nail. But with 90 still on stage, I don’t want to – whether with or without a Walker.

From the presenter to the singer

Sina was as Ursula Bellwald on 28. May 1966 in Visp VS born. The trained Bank clerk, he worked from 1993 to 1996 as a radio presenter at Swiss Radio DRS. In 1994, she published her first dialect Album, “Sina”, which reached platinum status. In 2019, she was awarded the Swiss Music Award for her life’s work. Sina lives with her husband, the musician Markus Kühne, in the Canton of Aargau, on lake hallwil.