Big cartoon festival this year was first held in virtual Moscow, and watched it the whole country. Now the organizers want to continue this practice, although the transition online for many was not easy, especially as Russia is pirate country where to steal a movie not worth anything.

However, followed only two refusals, and the program of the festival includes films 206. No festival staff was not. The organizers have never met each other, worked at home and now announced that the next festival will be October 29, but he will be held — online or live — is still unknown. Won the audience voting picture “the Amazing story of the Maroons” of the Romanian Director ANCA Damian, produced by the famous French Studio. It’s about the dog’s happiness and the human world through the eyes of a little dog from the dump, passing from one owner to the other. Quite a human voice, the main character will say that dogs feel happiness, but don’t want anything changed, and people always dream about something.

many had a unique opportunity to see films, which is so much talked about. The film is “He can’t live without cosmos” by Konstantin Bronzit, included in short-list “Oscar” and which eventually became the record for the number of hits among the short films, “Daughter” Dasha Kesaevoy nominated for “Oscar” and received his student counterpart, “Hey, dad,” sisters Poluektovich on the novel by Irakli Kvirikadze, which many know for his short film “the Swimmer.” Full meter based on number of visits was on the painting “the Swallows of Kabul” and “Off”.

“Away,” the young Latvian filmmaker Gints Zilberdik — the story of a child who survived a plane crash and stranded on a gloomy planet, where he pursues the strange black creature. The boy is all alone and trying to get out of the darkness into the light. This requires only breath to dive into the abyss and emerge to see a world where you may be happy.

“Swallows of Kabul” Zabu Brightman and the Elean goetzenbruck-Mevellec filmed on the eponymous book by Yasmin Hadri (a pseudonym of the Algerian writer Mohammed Muleshoe). The film participated a year ago in the program “the Special sight” the Cannes film festival. Afghanistan under the Taliban, and in a city cafe I remember the Soviet Union: “When we fought with the Russians, it was easier. We knew who the enemy”. Watercolor transparency town with its picturesque bazaars, where a woman in a burqa stoned children and men at the command of a religious fanatic, proclaimed the death of the West. A young couple, educated, dreams of freedom, secretly pleased by the opportunity to teach children. They can be educate so that one day they will release all the adult. Zunaira, perhaps, too harsh. She is furious at mueskogo world itself and in protest will not remove the veil (which somehow stubbornly interpreter calls the burka) even in the presence of a spouse. One push and her favorite target is dead and she is in prison. A very unusual picture about Afghanistan, about which we know so little. One love scene that is! It would have been impossible in the Muslim movie, but “Swallows of Kabul” was shot in France.

In many cartoons live adult fears and childhood anxiety, and filmmakers make films about their fathers who left the family. Injury has not been eliminated, and now as an adult, the animators are trying to tell children what loneliness, betrayal, and overcoming the fear of death.

Polish painting “Rain” of Peter Milczarek marked last year for debut on the main animation festivals in Annecy, five minutes says much more than other large-scale projects on mass consciousness and forcing people to follow the example of others. The flow of people, reminiscent of a huge fish, flowed off the roof for no apparent reason.

In the days of the festival it was possible to meet well-known Russian and foreign Directors and animators, for example, with the Estonian classic of Pernem Priit and his wife Olga. He not only makes movies, but illustrated more than forty children’s books. Live pärn tried to talk about the intricacies of the business, but it was impossible, although he more than 20 years of teaching experience. “There is no recipe. Each film is born in different ways,” Dole said one of the most radical cartoonists of our time. His famous painting “Life without Gabriella Ferri” started with the title and three characters — a thief, husband, wife, who disappears. And that’s all. While working on a painting Priit met in France with his future wife and co-author Olga, who studied there in the school of animation. There is a picture 44 minutes, and, as you say Priit, this full-length, created by the rules short. You can’t do that, but he did, because God animation. Parents hug, parallel to prepare the fish that is holding in the hands of the father. The world is black and white, but with colored erotic markings: pink nipples in women, by the hand of man and fish, too, with a pink spot. Priit believes that animation is an abstraction, without the cartoons can not be obtained.