While the rest of the world is in more or less full readiness because of the corona-onset, sits 14 people in a house in the German Cologne unaware of the worldwide health crisis.

the Producers behind the German version of ‘Big Brother’ has not yet told the participants about the situation outside of the house walls.

the Majority of the 14 men and women have been locked up in the house since 6. February, where the corona-the outbreak was not yet rampant in Europe.

The participants, who have come in since the premiere, is with the big words have been told, that they must not inform the other residents of the house on the situation.

Something that Set. 1, there is behind the German production of the program, has been criticized vehemently for.

so Far the tv-channel defence that the participants would, of course, be informed if a member of your family became sick with the virus.

“It goes without saying that beoerne will be informed if there is any reason for it. What information they get, will be decided in cooperation with their relatives,” it has previously sounded to the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

But now there came other buns on the soup. Tuesday at 19 planning the production: to include the residents in the exceptional situation in Germany and the rest of the world faces.

This is a special edition of the program, where the program’s host, Jochen Schropp, and doctor Andreas Kaniewski will gather the residents for a briefing. All the while there filmed and broadcasted live.

Residents will also be allowed to ask the questions they may have about the corona-crisis that, according to the Johns Hopkin – university, that monitor the outbreak so far has claimed the lives of 17 German life, while more than 7,000 are diagnosed with the disease.

‘the Decision has been taken in consultation with the relatives,’ it sounds it on the program’s website.

the Same resolution, it was over the weekend taken in Australia, in which it also is in time with the recordings to the popular realityprogram.

Here, the participants have been enclosed in about three weeks and have therefore not been cognizant of the latest development of coronaudbruddet, in Australia, according to the Johns Hopkins university has claimed three lives, while a further 377 is found infected.

“the Residents have been informed of the current situation, and we are constantly in contact with their families, so that all parties are up to date,” he said Monday from a spokesperson of the program, writes News.com.au.

Also in Canada, these days busy ‘Big Brother’, and also here, the participants have until very recently been uanende on the situation.

It was only after the participants began to wonder that they no longer could hear a crowd outside the house walls, they were informed of the situation, writes the BBC.

Participants are also regularly informed about how their families have it.

In Canada have the virus claimed the lives of four persons the life. 439 has also been registered infected according to the Johns Hopkins university.

Neither in Germany, Australia or Canada plan tv-the companies behind the respective programs to drop realityshowet.