The record champion surprised again and again. The giant Bang in the Overview:

the climb has no priority: Instead, with a Budget of 18, 19 million for the immediate re-promotion to seek, want GC to bake now in the Challenge League smaller rolls. A Mini-Budget is the result.What Stephan Rietiker , miss falls. The President, it is only 9 weeks started, lays down his office with immediate effect. And Also the dedicated external consultant and former FCB-success-maker Georg Heitz, and Bernhard Heusler, take the hat. Heitz to VIEW: “For this strategy, it needs no external advisors. Therefore, Bernhard Heusler, and I lay down our mandates with immediate effect.” 5 weeks, the two Basel were mostly maker at GC at work. Transfers were able to bring them due to the lack of budget is still not in place. GC sinks into absolute Chaos!

In a media release says the 27-times champion: “The shareholders have decided on a Budget, which the Club will be able to notify the athletic goals in the context of a long-term perspective. The objectives of the Board of Directors, Chairman, Stephan Rietiker and the two main shareholders, however, are divergent.”

That has nothing Less than the resignation of Stephan Rietiker, which took office only nine weeks ago, result.

“The Plan, I could not represent credible”

Rietiker in the wording: “I competed to lead to GC as soon as possible in the Super League. The now-adopted Plan, I could not represent credible and have therefore decided to leave the task to someone who is convinced of this approach.”

The outgoing President informed the shareholders that he would accept to operate the decision with a smaller Budget. You had it, would have the last word.

Rietiker thanked the employees for their enormous dedication in the difficult conditions of the last few weeks. He will remain in GC continue to be closely linked”, it means more.

The possible Zürcher Investor is Michael Black, a former member of the Board.