The Biella-shareholders were Exacompta yet 92,47% of the share capital and voting rights of Biella-Neher at the time of purchase.

This is the definitive interim results, such as from an on Tuesday published Bank write. The minimum acceptance rate of 75 percent was thus fulfilled. The remaining shareholders have a grace period of up to 8. May time, your shares tendered.

Exacompta bot on 15. March 4’607 Swiss francs per Biella-share – overall, the company is the Acquisition of around 38 million Swiss francs in costs. Not part of the transaction, the real estate in Poland and Hungary. The share of Biella are OTC-traded on the OTC platform of Berner Kantonalbank (BEKB), the eKMU-x platform of Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) and also for the private Bank, Lienhardt & Partner.

Also in the middle of March Biella had to pay the year 2018 is presented. In the case of a decline in sales by 6 percent to 121.1 million Swiss francs, the group’s earnings slipped to minus 14.9 million deep in the red.

through your folders and ring binders well-known Biella-group had launched last year a comprehensive restructuring with site closures in Poland and the Netherlands. The aim of the Exercise was to concentrate production and sales for the European business outside of Switzerland at the Biella-Falken GmbH in Peitz.

in 1928, in Paris, founded in Exacompta group, such as Biella in the stationery business. Exacompta is hoping that the Acquisition of the resources of both companies combine and consolidate the market positions and to expand.