they came to the capital to write history. To qualify for the first Time in the history of the club to a Playoff Final. But in the end, only the big frustration remains the Bielern. With a clear 1:5 Defeat in the decisive game of the semi-final series against SC Bern, the beautiful dream of the Final ends abruptly.

The Biel-based evening is from the outset under a very bad star. After a little more than three minutes, guests are penalties against Lüthi and Sataric early during 80 seconds in two. This they survive although harmless, the Bernese 1:0 is still. Five minutes later, forward Robbie Earl, together to blame for a SCB-counter by Tristan Scherwey and rebounds in the reverse movement with the onrushing Goalie Jonas Hiller. Sciaroni hits from distance at the 2:0 in the orphaned gate and Hiller with a shoulder injury, replacing. But that’s not enough. His replacement Dennis Saikkonen has to be in his first Playoff game after 170 seconds beat. 0:3 to 13 minutes – what a false start to the most important game of the season!

“We had actually had everything”

“We played a very naive first third, and took stupid penalties. Then it was suddenly 0:3”, says striker Damien Brunner after the game. “I don’t know where our head was. In a seventh game in Berne, if you are 17’000 Fans against you, should you be actually in the thing,” the clueless Playoff Topskorer of Biel.

Although the ailing Jonas Hiller returns to the beginning of the middle third of the goal, but the first shot of the 1:4 to happen. “The game was sort of jumped out,” said Brunner. In fact, the remaining 40 minutes to run to the Bernese look at EHC Biel, the air is outside. “It is a huge disappointment. Rather, I can’t say at all,” says Matthieu Tschantré after the end of the Game with a quiet voice. “It is not to sounds arrogant, but we have actually had anything to get in the Final,” the EHCB-Captain wistfully.

The team comes to the game once again from the dressing room onto the ice and receives from the travelling Fans cheering applause. A lot of players have tears in their eyes. Also, Robbie Earl, who will be leaving their in the direction of Langnau. With trembling voice he says: “Biel has become my home.” On the fateful collision with his goalkeeper, he does not want to talk. “I can’t remember,” he says simply. Hiller is cared for after the game, both medically and likes to give Interviews.

Steinegger criticized Bern’s game

head of sports, Martin Steinegger is written, the disappointment is also in the face. When asked whether it was necessary to Express the SCB for his play in the series of praise, he asks cynically: “you are in the back stood in?” But the 47-year-old Ex-SCB-defender also shows up as a fair loser. “Bern has won, and so everything is done correctly.”

What is the EHC Biel in the series, in which he led 2:0 and 3:2, is ultimately failed, and brings Damien Brunner with clear words and to the point. “We played without Special Teams, our Boxplay performance was disastrous. And our faceoffs were absolutely desolate.” Thus, the season of their ends as in the previous year, according to the semi-final. The dream Final has vanished again into thin air. “We have demanded of Bern a lot, but in the end, but not everything,” Brunner’s final conclusion.

On Thursday, the Playoff begins-Final between Bern and Zug. Prior to the beginning of a VIEW to the Final invites-Talk. With high profile guests. From 12 o’clock Nati Coach Patrick Fischer and the three-fold SCB-mostly goalie Marco Bührer with a VIEW-ice-hockey Reporter Dino Kessler, 1998, with the EVZ, Swiss champion, will discuss the upcoming Showdown for the championship title.